They say that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. So what does a man need to do when a Venus starts talking about his speech and his Venetian actions? Body language is one of the most important but most neglected factors that people consider to be self-explanatory in the dating world.

Here are some body language that can be taken from a girl and what can be interpreted. Keep in mind that these interpretations, and more often than just, may be very subjective. These little gestures were divided into four levels. Find them:

He's physically attracted. A woman who is physically attracted has two things to do with both things to look at her charm with her eyes. You can stare at yourself or steal at you. Anyway, she looks at you if you notice it.

A physically attractive woman can think through or pinch her leg or sit back and plan it as if she were modeling in front of the camera. A woman who is physically attracted to open her lips or bite. He plays with his pointer with his glass. You might have tried to touch a guy on the thigh, chest, or face. [19645002] You are interested in beyond your physical properties. When attracting a girl, but interest is not of a sexual nature, then she will not have a seductive look in her eyes. Instead, he will have broad eyes and a warm smile. Her body bends forward, which means she is ready to hear and talk to you. You will be comfortable with your hand and will use them when you talk. 1969002 You are complicated or very self-conscious. She can be self-conscious for some reasons. She may be uncomfortable (she does not usually talk to a guy) or she is very low self-esteem (she does not see much). It may look downward during a conversation, or put his hand in his pocket, or keep the little things in his hand.

Although this will not say whether or not it is, it is a good time to increase self-esteem. Greet this. Pick a detail about her, like her hair. Then say, "I love your hair, it really brings out the color or your eyes." Not interested and bored. If you talk to a girl and look at everything around you, you do not care what you're talking about or you are. If a girl thinks you're a lame, then she's throwing her eyes or wrapping her chest, which is a protection or a non-acceptance in psychology.

So these are the signs that you should look at. Early reading helps to change style before the date is completely out of control.

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