Are you interested in learning to read body language? Would you like to say when people are lying and understanding people's intentions? This article provides the most important 10 tips for reading your body language.

I feel that Body Language is the most important language you can learn. It overcomes verbal communication barriers and provides insight into what others think or what actions they can take.

Keep in mind that the art of reading body language is able to see one, pick up the signs and at the same time do not let this person do it. If you do it, it will be uncomfortable.

Tip 1. – Eyes

A dilated pupils – the person is interested in the subject.

People say that eyes are the windows soul. They know about this person if they know what they are looking for. Like most situations, the same signal can be interpreted differently. It's entirely up to the circumstances. The above example may also mean that a person has a drug or it may mean that they are at the center of it. [2.] – Hand 2 –

Open palm. – the person is relaxed and comfortable.

The hands have many expressions and are a good starting point for learning how to read body language. Usually, if somebody's hands are open, it means their defense is calm. [3] – Symplanning

If you talk to someone if you imitate your body position and action, it means you are comfortable in the position and are likely to be interested in you and what you are saying. [4] Heart 4 – Eyes

If someone's eyes look sideways, they are a feature they feel guilty. Likewise, if they are expressing shame. Keep in mind that the eyes have so much meaning and it is easy to make a bad evaluation. Practice is perfect. [5] The most important two terms with the arms are that they are either closed or folded (collapsed). Collapsing the person may be angry or rejection. When their arms are open, man is in an honest position and accepts the situation.

When you talk to someone, you can say they are comfortable and are interested in them. [6] Tip of the Spindle

If someone rubs your chin, it usually means that in your foot position. When they stand against each other, the feet of the others point to you. That means they are comfortable and their heads and eyes are concentrated on you.

When someone faces, their legs are dragged away and their heads and eyes are not at the center. They probably nod and agree with a false smile. This means that the person in question is not interested and may feel uncomfortable even in the situation. Tip 8 – Legs

When They Get Up The feet are good enough to indicate how confident someone is. If someone is standing in the width of the shoulder, he will be calm. If you are in a broader position, you are confident and grounded to show you dominate.

When he stands on his feet, the person is probably shy.

When sitting down, when the legs are moved, it shows that the person is in a defensive mode. This is very well used by the crusade.

If the legs are open when they sit, they are in a relaxed position. Same as when you're standing

Tip 9 – Fingers

Fingers can create a lot of gestures and are great for reading body language. The index finger or it may be that someone points to an element or place can also be indicated by anger. If someone is closely tied to their fingers, they usually beg for something.

Drumming or touching with fingers indicates frustration. The faster the spat is, the greater the frustration and the tension within the person. [10] Type 10 – Eyebrows

Eyebrows have a lot to do. Below are some examples. When the eyebrow rises, people are usually astonished or surprised. The bigger the surprise, the bigger the more. If someone quickly turns up and down their eyes, they will welcome others or show that they have been recognized.

I hope you enjoyed your body language tips. Keep in mind that reading a body language is not a skill that can be learned at night. The more you exercise, the easier it will be and the finer it will be able to do.

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