I am mine, there is nothing shallower than a woman who knows exactly how to seduce a man with words! The thing is that a person's imagination is stronger than anything else. His vision, sense of smell, touch, etc.

Basically I'm saying that if you know how to get men's imagination to CRAZY, it's stronger than the most attractive woman on the planet!

The secret to having a man seducing words is twofold:

1. Collect Your Imagination


You have to tell him what will happen …

"I'm going with you and you sit there saying nothing and I like it while I'm (I'm plugging a sexy line here ) ".

Then you do not know what will happen, and the possibilities are stupid! Now your mind is whirling, you have to play it a bit. Do not do anything. Tap, tickle, play … ask if you like it (do it) OR (shorten this) with short breaks

The most important thing is action. You're courageously brave and you have to risk exactly what you want to do. Everyone is different, so you have to be customized, but if you really drive your imagination wildly, I guarantee your words will be stronger than anything else.

Give me a shot!

There are even more ways to be in the mood of men, learn how to talk dirty and give him what he wants so desperately!

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