So you probably stumbled on this article because you wanted to learn Spanish translation into English and you're ready to get to know yourself; you must basically learn another language.

So this article will learn, probably will surprise you; what do you mean to resist what this world taught me about language learning. The method described here may seem somewhat "ironic" or counterproductive

. But the truth of the matter is here: Language learning is really ironic is why: to effectively learn a language – you do not have to feel like learning. Confusing? Maybe. False? NO! This is the fact that huge language schools do not want them to know. And why? (19659002) But if you really want to know the most effective way to learn a language and translate a foreign language; Here is

It is ironic that we seemed to have removed the "intellectual" compiler with an emotional "feeling". But first disable the contradictions and answer this question:

How do you translate or interpret your mother tongue? do you agree with each word in another word in your mind, in one word, a grammar, a construction, etc.?

If you answered "no", read it; but if you answered "yes," then leave it and go back to the home planet – you are not human!

Understanding our mother tongue does not include "translation", but feelings; there are feelings associated with each sentence and sentence. When you hear a word in our mother tongue, we know what you are trying to tell us-what we're feeling. And we do not do it literally; but we feel that this is all.

You are moving forward so you can become a better translator – if you feel you will feel the phrase instead of translating words literally; which only excites the brain.

And how can you train yourself to "feel" the words? Simple: Providing yourself the target language (in our case in Spanish) and put it in every little piece of your life as much as you can.

Here are some ideas: [1] Download Spanish mp3 tracks and listen to them every time; while on the road, he walks to the next street, walks to a remote street, a dump, a meal, etc. – basically, whenever you can.

2) Instead of commenting on the laws of Spanish grammar instead of the grammar book – just take the parsers and put them in a repetitive system for distributed time and review them whenever they are due.) 3) Spend some Spanish conversations podcasts and listen to them while listening to your Spanish mp3 (music); when she is bored – immediately switch to Spanish music. Basically speaking, you can enjoy conversational podcasts.

4) Finally, watch the movies you've ever seen in English in your Spanish synced version. You can do this series and Japanese anime – there are tons of Japanese anime and cartoons that you also enjoyed as a kid's nickname in Spanish.

This technique works very well because you know more about what's going on and how you enjoy the presentation – your brain is more "absorbed" in the new information and sooner or later it will speak and think Spanish, then Spanish soap opera telenovelas) finds himself crying.

Okay, so right now – some very simple tips for learning Spanish. You see guys later God bless you.

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