Foreign language learning can sometimes be difficult for students. Now the only thing that can be interested in acquiring language, especially in multilingual countries, is the classroom environment and the teacher to enjoy the learning process.

Students who learn foreign language in a dirty classroom where they are not in the right place and where even the teacher or teacher's council can see they never enjoy learning and will sooner or laterer learn to learn and quit from learning!

The art of the teacher makes the class more enjoyable for students, and on the other hand, a class of easy-to-wall and beautiful pictures can make the students relax and learn. Even a class where it is too hot or too cold, if not in it, makes it easy for students to drop out of class sooner.

There are facts many teachers do not consider, but the most important thing is that students feel at home in the classroom. If they are able to feel themselves, they will enjoy learning and want to stay there and learn the language. Although it does not matter if the teacher seeks to teach perfectly, if the classroom is not suitable for students, the teacher can never succeed.

Comparison of students in poor grades with students with better status and with the same teacher shows that second-class students can learn things much faster and easier to have psychological effects in the classroom environment for students who take time and spend money in order to learn something.

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