Did you know that the body language of men and women changes dramatically when the opposite sex is present. For example, a man will automatically straighten his body, set a bit higher, and avoid all common submissive or convulsive situations.

If a man is in the company of a woman who cares, he tries everything to seem more dominant to pull his stomach and extend his chest.

Let's say by accident the woman he loves is here, he likes the same thing and likes this man, and he automatically appears in himself and stretches out his wrist, tossed his head slightly and touched his hair.

The interesting thing is that this man and woman gestures unconsciously got the automatic response. Well, of course, there are the planned and coordinated attractions and the flirting gestures that have been deliberately made. The Attractive Attraction Type of Men

Men do not have a lot of charm in attracting and flirting gestures compared to women. When a man is interested in a woman, he will focus only on his manhood and the image of the macho man.

Generally, his gestures are beginning to put hair in place, smooth and straighten his dress, adjust the tie if he or she wears one and often pushes his chin. At the same time, she expands her breasts, straightens her back and pulls her stomach, as mentioned earlier. A man usually displays his masculinity and dominance while he thumbs his thumb into his belt and points to his skull. This is actually a very common sight for people who use gestures to emphasize their masculinity. On the contrary, when a woman is interested in a guy, he emits a lot of signals and signals to get his feelings out of the question. Unfortunately, the down side is the fact that many people completely ignore these signs and signals. If they make things worse, women sometimes deliberately send mixed signals when they try to manipulate men to show their feelings. Often, this will end with the confused men, avoiding or approaching him. In a room where a woman finds the man she attracts, she normally looks at her until she sees her attention and thus creates the first visual contact. Then it keeps this eye contact for two to three seconds before looking for it elsewhere. He then introduces further gestures to express his interest in that guy.

One of the gestures that women use the most about a man attracted to is the haircut gesture. What is happening here is that the woman is sucking her hair from her face or shoulders. Surprisingly, this gesture is performed by many short-haired women.

When a woman slowly and gently caresses her neck or thighs, she also tells her that if she is able to impress and humiliate her for that pleasure. This self-care gesture is often used by women.

Another gesture to watch the droopy wrist. This gesture is often used to achieve the maximum effect when filling a cylindrical batch. Women love this gesture to make a guy feel that he will be able to fully control. This droopy wrist gesture perceives many people as a perception signal.

A similar seductive gesture that women use to attach to man will be the neck gesture. This is another humble gesture that men see in the same way as the droopy wrist gesture. As suggested here, the woman lays her neck next to her when she heads her head on one shoulder. If you see someone else? the person sees someone they care about, the most common reason for them being preventing them from going over to the person to speak is the idea that this person may not be unique and have seen someone. That is why you can put the concept of someone else around us or soon arriving.

Imagine this scenario in a bar, a beautiful lady attracts this charming and good-looking guy within a group of people standing in the room. Then use the observation technique to create eye contact indicating that you are interested in it.

The guy seemed to ignore his signals at all, or maybe just a little shy about it. So the lady decides she may have to go there and offer this shy guy for a conversation. As he began to move, a dear lady joined the group and now stands beside the charming guy. It looks like this dear lady comes from the same group and seems to be very close to that guy. Now the question is, "Are you doublet?" it appears in the beautiful lady's mind. Were you thinking about staying where you are or going to go further there? Most often and probably just to be safe, the decision will be to stay there, to avoid the awkward or embarrassing situation.

Not only is it a natural but proven scientific fact that the closer they sit, lie, or lie with each other, the more closely they are close and intimate with each other emotionally.

Everyone has their own intimate zone. The size of the zone may vary slightly from one person to another, but only to a minimum. It starts with the body itself, and it takes approx. It is half a meter and a half meters away. This man, all that is in this intimate zone, "belongs to them" or "theirs."

Parents, siblings, spouses, lovers, children, close relatives and very close friends are usually 18 centimeters / each. Like them, only those who are emotionally close to us can allow us to pass through this spatial barrier and enter the intimate zone. Any stranger invited to enter this zone can be considered as intimidation and hostility that encourages the person to move away from the intruder.

This is probably the main reason why people stay with the same doctors for years or the dentist, even miles to get there instead of being subjected to the stress of allowing a stranger their intimate zone.

Usually, people are touching things or they tend to feel what they feel. It is used in many ways using fingers, arms, legs, and even buttocks. For example, a person sometimes relies on their backs and shoulders on the walls or relies on their chair if they are in their own home. However, you will not know these behaviors when you go home to people you do not know.

The same rules apply to couples holding their hands, hanging each other's arms, or all other suits. One of the most common signs that you will always notice is how women make ownership of their hands when placing their palms on their chest. The same display can be seen here when you place your hand on the waist or back of the partner. [1] There is a big difference between attractive factors for men and women that are believed to be the ancestral ancestors of the hunters (men) and of our thieves (female) come.

Women tend to attract men who are strong, confident, and independent, with features that strongly suggest a person as an able provider and a trusted father for their children. On the other hand, what men find attractive in women is usually based on their visually appealing appearance.

In both cases, men or women, emphasizing these attributes, we always hope to make ourselves more attractive (beauty or personality) to the opposite gender and offer a wider choice of potential peers to choose from.

While interest in others is proven by body language, it should never be used to manipulate others. They are really attractive people who see themselves as they really and always believe in themselves.

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