New language learning is like a new way of thinking. It falls in love with a new culture and even the traditions of foreigners. You learn to speak and write in other ways than your mother tongue, which is nothing but a possibility of thinking.

Is a new language hard to learn? Yes, sometimes it may be difficult, but most times it is easy. There is a condition. You like the language you learn. Wanting to do something experience makes it much easier. Languages ​​are no different.

There is now a very important aspect to watch for. It is about the method used to learn the language. If you go to school and study a new language, you will not do it. In my experience, when I was a student, most peppers did not learn German. Some did not even learn English.

I believe that self-teaching is the basis for everything to learn. Think about it. The best things in life you learned … did anyone do these things? I do not think so. So, in my opinion, the best way is 90% of self-care.

The next thing I hear all the time … HOW TO START? Oh, glad, no. Okay, they spend months and months trying to figure out where to start and accidentally find. It's called Pimsleur. Period. I know some people are now saying, "Huh, Rosetta Stone or Tell me it's better." Let me tell you something, tell me that beginners are less fit for more.

If I have some suggestions for beginners, then start with Pimsleur, then go to Rosetta Stone. And THEN try to tell more. That's the perfect way.

And last but not least, the most important thing is learning the art of DOING during language learning. Forget the delay. If you do not practice, you will never learn a language.

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