"Language formulates thoughts and emotions, determining the perception of reality". Benjamin Whorf

From the time the United States won its independence, intellectual Americans tried to define the new identity. When we talk about American social identity, these elements and names come to mind:






Melting pot, apple cake,

I have chosen the language that I think in every culture is a key factor in developing social identity.
As to the subject, such questions arise in the mind.

What is Social Identity? What is the role of language in the development of social identity? First, we identify identity and language.

"Identity is the entire term used in social sciences that describes the individual's understanding of one's own or individual as a discrete, separate entity, social class, subculture, ethnicity, gender, etc.". Social identity is like personality and individual identity.

"Language is a system of visual, audible or tactile communication symbols and manipulation rules". This is a communication tool between people. Language is not just an expression of the community's thoughts, perceptions, feelings, emotions and values; this also means the basic expression of social identity. Language is an important element that influences the cultural and spiritual aspects of human life. Not only does language create a lot of communication between people, but it also creates a bilateral relationship between different groups and societies. Events and realities are expressed by words and sentences. Politicians enforce their ability and policies in their language and words. Nowadays, because the role of the media is very cruel, we can learn about the importance of language. So we can say that individual ideologies, religious concepts, and literature fit into language, and in fact each of them forms the nation's social identity.

In some countries, such as the United States, due to the truths of nations within geographic borders, there are many languages. "English is spoken by 82% of the population as mother tongue, American in English, and in addition to Canadian English, a group of North American dialects." 96% of the American population speaks English [19659002] Spanish is the second the most common language in the country, spoken by nearly 30 million people. "These two languages ​​had a greater impact on US social identity, English as well as Indians and Spanish than immigrant languages.

"English is the dominant international language in communication, science, business, aviation, entertainment, radio and diplomacy. The influence of the British empire is the primary cause of the first spread of language, II, economic and cultural impacts significantly accelerated the acceptance of English. "English expresses a sense of supremacy and self-confidence for Americans. Looking back on the past, English was the language of the strongest empire, the British Empire, and now English is the language of the strongest country in the United States. They are inseparable from power and English. As far as these issues are concerned, the American deserves to be a superpower and an exceptional nation.

Spanish is the second most common language in English. Spanish has been spoken in North America since the 16th century. "The Spanish population of the United States has historically been expanded due to wars and land acquisition due to territorial expansion, and the Spanish-speaking population is growing ever more modern in many parts of the country because of the majority of them or their large minority."

there are many other languages ​​that belong to different cultures, and these languages, like other factors, are responsible for American salad bowls.

As mentioned above, language is one of the most important elements of social identity, which gives a feeling of dependence or independence, superiority or inferiority, power or weakness. It even affects our personal identity as a part of social identity. You can define your social level and your position. More than the language conveys the entire history of the nation and preserves the identity of a nation.

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