Children with behavioral difficulties often have language difficulties that are not known. Research has shown that there is a strong correlation between behavioral emotional disturbances (BEDs) and language abnormalities. Children with behavior-emotional difficulties are ca. 55-72% of them have certain types of language problems. For some, chicken and egg may be a question. Which first came? Is the language problem or behavior problem? Regardless of how it starts, there is no doubt that language affects your behavior and behavior affects your language. Those with behavior-emotional difficulties are unlikely to understand what people say and struggle to put their thoughts into words. The most relevant language area is the social application of the language – communicating with others in everyday situations; this is a pragmatic language. The speech and language pathologist is a specialist who can determine whether there is a linguistic problem and how mild or severe it is. Unfortunately, speaking-language pathologists are often ignored because behavioral problems are the number one.

I've often heard the answers: "Just Behaviors", "Understand if you want," "He's stubborn," or similar assertions. My memory, which stands out in my mind, was when I was asked to appreciate a teenager who was fourteen years old. This was the first time her language was examined. The evaluation revealed a six-year delay in linguistic skills; His tongue was eight years old. When a language disorder does not even notice, it affects not only communication but also self-esteem.

Any child with behavioral problems and having a language evaluation. Language assessment will be able to reveal your child's good understanding, ability to speak and how well you can use the language in your everyday life. Knowing the language skills of a child helps to develop a proper educational program, helps develop a behavioral intervention program and provides useful information to a child's counselor or psychologist.

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