When a British or US-based company (and similar) attempts to establish a partnership with an Indian web development company or choose to outsource certain jobs, they often wonder if language difference is a problem. India as a country with 29 states and more than 17 dialects – mostly similar to Hindi or Sanskrit. Work consists of places where English is not the first language.

If this is the call center work or the outsourcing of transcriptional work, the language is likely to play a big role – both of them have a clear understanding of accents, and require the fluency and the same use of grammatical terms.

So what could cause a problem over the language?

E-mails – Written Communication – Sales / marketing people who are receiving a customer feedback or a call for proposal (request for a request) must clearly understand written instructions and basic etiquettes. What may seem trivial as we write to a friend can only do wonders to the recipient who could use it in a friendly voice rather than the crisp points dictated deep red.

Phone Calls – If you're working with an outsourcing partner, setting a phone number for emergencies might be a good idea. However, if this phone number is displayed by a non-English speaking person, this is only the source of the irritation. So due to the cost of stunning (not in good working relationship), we might think that we are giving a mobile number of a representative who can speak clearly and patiently – even if resolution is not available on the call itself.

Copying a Website – It is not unusual for web site design or web development to copy, but it can also be a project that is part of the project. Now a webpage copy may be one that requires native language, personal touch – which is difficult to give – unless you are in close contact with the outsourced service provider or you do not know the settlement and terminology. It is very important that you understand what Copy of is, what is the purpose of demographics and business ideology. Maintaining basic grammar and all finalized copies ensures a better response and results. More – Yes, more than the typical instance you get at 0.05p – does it make sense? Yes, it makes sense.

If you choose a new outsourcer, it is better to make sure that the outsourced partner is aware and ready to take care of these points and probably more – and the language will not be TRUE BARRIER.

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