The language is amazingly thin, helping you connect people differently. In some cultures, the very first thing a baby needs to hear is some words from Quoran. The father whispers in the newborn's ear. It is hoped that the child will be built with strong faith and God's protection. In other cultures, the first thing the baby is hearing is probably "love you". Again, this affects the child, we know that babies will thrive if they love them. Of course, in such an epoch-era, more than words are needed. But over the years, the effect of the three words is enormous.

When we move to another country, the language barrier can feel a high wall. Like the Berlin Wall, it seems impossible to overcome it. Over time, however, many came to learn the new language because of their friendship and the wall collapsed. Language is the key to getting closer to other people and learning the local language to which they can approach close to the people around them. It is often the only way to understand your language to understand the culture of another human being.

Something that has to be avoided when learning a new language is bad words. Too often they insist on your mind. While a native speaker will understand the seriousness of the words and know when to use them whenever they are used, the foreigner may not know the true meaning of the word. Only when someone admires his face finds out how bad the word is in reality. It is better to stay away from the beginning.

More and more people gather prose. These are very short sentences that capture the essence of truth. (or perceived truth!) In many countries, old people are well-known. Some proverbs come from the Bible, even if people do not know. Others are found in different countries, with a slight variation but basically the same. We have written a lot of books with a collection of proverbs from different places .

The ability to speak and learn different languages ​​is actually a gift. Whether people speak only one language or a lot, but it is a fact that we are lost without language. Even the smallest action would be complicated without people's communication. It is no wonder that some of them spend their whole life not only on studying and learning certain languages, but also on the impact of language on society and on people

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