All cultures in Isoted languages. Without language, people would not have been "humans", but simply would be a lot of people. When people hear the word "language," they immediately think about words, but rather about language rather than oral communication. Everything we do – just as we have what we say to wear – is a language that can be interpreted. This way of communicating can be linked to and with other human beings. By language we become a human race and not just a group of individuals of the same species.

Although non-verbal language can help us communicate with basic thoughts, words are needed to overcome this basic communication. Words enable people to communicate better with the whole idea and not just ideas. The other reason for the words is that words can be interpreted more accurately. Almost all the non-verbal symbols that people interpret today are ideas, experiences, and quite self-conscious. People smile when they are happy, they get tired when they feel pain, etc. However, words convey thoughts that body language can not.

Think: even sign language uses words to format and forward ideas. Also, language is the root of culture. If you look at the language, you will discover that new words are constantly being developed so that people can communicate with new ideas. As technology evolves and people are experiencing or discovering new things, new words are needed to communicate with them. As is the case, the need for a common language becomes more and more apparent. Due to the technological advances in communications technology, the world is getting smaller and smaller.

If you are looking at plenty of space today, you realize that culture has become global. Of course, communities retain their cultural identity, but they also learn to adapt to others. In this new world, where cultures are mixed and respected, the English language is the language of choice. Why? Well, this is mainly due to the adaptability of English to other cultures. This is because many people today understood the language.

This basically means that anyone who wants to understand and join a world culture today needs to learn English. This helps greatly to understand the people, their behavior, and the ideas that they transmit.

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