Chinese Language and Dialects

Each province, each city, and even each village speaks its own dialect. In China, hundreds of Chinese dialects exist so that each dialect will probably not understand another dialect from another village or city. Fortunately, mandarin, the official dialect is understandable for every other linguist.

Learn some basic essential and common Mandarin words and phrases that help prevent obstacles with your Chinese friends.

How are you? -No Hao Ma

Also often abbreviated to Ni Hao

This is probably the first mandarin term you'll ever learn. Useful greeting or icebreaker.

Thank you – Xie Xie

Another polite expression that you can easily remember and use.

Very Good -Hen Hao

This is useful when doing a good job or doing a job. Also useful to anyone who says "Ni Hao Ma?"

Ni Hao Ma? (How are you?)

Hen Hao (very good)

Not good -Bu Hao

This is useful if you have to comment (Ni Hao Ma) but can not be such a good answer.

Ni Hao Ma? (How are you?) Bu Hao (Not Good)

Very Expensive -Hen Gui

When I'm in business, this is the most appropriate term for hard bargaining.

You do not want to do it -Bu Yao.

This is the best term for the touts – the street carriages who approach each tourist resort to ask for things … Bu Yao … will put them in their path

This is beautiful -Hen Piao Liang

Use this phrase to praise something beautiful or beautiful and use it even when you meet a pretty girl.

Taxi -De Shi

De Shi is the right expression, but you still have to understand when using the English wo to Taxi. In any case it sounds like it.

You are good to see it again – Zai Jian

Well, I think this is another term that can be easily understood even if English is used

] Forgive me Jie Guo

There is always a crowd among tourists. There are so many Chinese people who want to see the same monuments. Using the term Jie Guo simply opens the path ahead.

Receipt -Fa Piao

Always ask for receipt or Fa Piao at the shops or a taxi. This may be useful if you have to complain of fraud or whimsical products. It is useful to leave the taxi in the taxi or behind the camera.

I do not want to -Wo Bu Yao

Useful when you reject a tout or when you have too many drinks for dinner.

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