Mastering the sign language becomes very popular and not just for deaf people, even though they are still used. Nowadays, "new moms are taught (to teach their babies), schools and even linguists want to learn. The most popular sign language (nearly 2 million people estimates) is the American Sign Language (ASL), which currently has about 1300 different learning signals and more than There are 10,000 different combinations (so the actual number of ASL is hard to get to know).

Although this article goes beyond just teaching 1300 each, learn some basic signs that you can use immediately. ] Welcome to someone and thank you for using ASL, hold your palm's hand out to your forehead as a tribute, though not as stiff and stretch your hand with your palms just a few inches from your forehead


You can go one step further. With your palm in front, touch your forehead and move your hand in a curve in the middle of the chest, as if to receive someone.

Happy to meet you

Now tell them we're happy to meet you. First, you make a happy sign that touches your chest with two-handed fingers and moves your hand with a circular motion as if you were mixing the feelings of joy and added the signs with which both indexes were about one foot apart from each other, pointing to the palms facing each other. Then he brings them together as two people meet. Finally, point them to tell you. & # 39;

So he's there. Simple greeting in ASL. Of course, if you want to learn the appropriateness of sign language, there are far more combinations of learning, but you have to start it.

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