The Filipino language actually consists of many dialects, and the main language spoken by locals really depends on where it is. In the southern parts of the Philippines the languages ​​differ from Bisaya, Visayan to Cebuano. These languages ​​have been taught and spoken for years and have been influenced by the various ruling powers that have taken the Philippines from time to time.

However, if you want to learn to speak a language in the Philippines you do not have to learn many different languages. The main language spoken by the mute volume of the speakers is the Tagalog. The Tagalog is specifically spoken in the northern islands like Luzon, which is the capital of Manila. The other languages ​​have some similar words to the Tagalog, which the vast majority of Filipinos understand. So, if you learn to speak the Filipino language, then you have to learn the Tagalog.

You've heard that they are talking in English in the Philippines, and although this is true, the level of English speech varies greatly as you move. English is also taught and spoken in big cities and schools. However, there are many Filipinos who have never attended school or have not participated in learning English. The rich Filipinos will speak English, where poorer people are struggling to understand the word you say.

If you learn to speak the Filipino language, it will soon become more popular and better for the Filipino residents. Communicating in the Tagalog means respect and people who do not have much respect for what they show, they will surely appreciate themselves.

If you're out of town, you have to learn to speak the Filipino language to survive. Try to tell a person who never went to school to get to the English-language bus. Depending on where you are the leader, you have never seen a person who speaks English and does not know the language.

Have yourself a favor and learn at least the basic level of your local language.

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