Most people have come up with examples that lawyers often use and which the layman finds difficult to understand. What if it is in another language?

Most of the people have come up with examples that lawyers often use, which the layman finds difficult to understand. This also applies to notifications and communications that are still issued by government organizations in some countries today. The legal field is a complex area with specific fields of expertise, each having its own terminology and expression. Loans, contracts, insurance bonds, mortgages and guarantees are one of the documents that are "legal or legal." Legal terminology changes with the legal system in use, which differs from country to country

Translator competence

large numbers of paperwork or legal documentation must be made in the business partnerships between the organizations in the country and signing the contracts before the start of operations Both parties must be clear about their responsibilities and their financial commitment, these documents must be precisely translated into the text retained, , as originally designed

Legal translation is by no means a simple task since the laws of different countries are rooted in the cultures concerned and take a translator with a certain level of competence Furthermore, the existence of very specialized legal fields requires the translation of different types of legal documents. For example, in a real estate transaction, the translation of a mortgage transaction requires completely different approaches, depths and competencies than a simple statement of intent. The mortgage obligation is a much more complicated document, the translator should refer to a good legal dictionary, and the perpha will carry out extensive research on the subject to justify the project.

For a demonstration of this, a copy of the French legal terms is presented in the following English equivalents:

French Terms / English Equivalents

Certificate Holder / Ownership Certificate

Attribution De Jurisprudence / Formal Signature Purchase Agreement

/ conditional clause in a contract to be respected in order to meet sales

code of labor / employment law

droits subscription / stamp duty paid The buyer

writer-journalist Sylvia A. Smith correctly states that a good translator must have at least the legal systems in the countries of origin and target language, the terminology concerned, and the knowledge of the legal spelling of the target language. Without these competencies, the translator's work is at best a literal translation that may not serve the purpose altogether.

Thus, a qualified legal translator is often a versatile person: he must be a linguist, possess knowledge and is ready to carry out research and effectively define the legal concepts that appear in the original text, even if the target language system does not have the exact equivalent expression or expression.

Paying for translation errors

There are a lot of cases where translation or translation mistakes cost millions of dollars. A Florida $ 71 million lawsuit was found at the Florida hospital, resulting from a misreading of the patient's symptoms. The patient used the word "toxico", saying that he had experienced symptoms of nausea, while medical staff assumed that he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and treated the treatment accordingly. He had once suffered a brain aneurysm and had become four-faced.

SDL International, a leading provider of translation and localization services, recently reported that translation errors have led to significant costs due to lost revenue, late product launches, and fines for irregularities. 80% of survey responses. It is interesting to note in this context that even translators are urging liability insurance, also known as mistakes and omissions (E & O), insurance cover for damages.

Good translation worth a price

Translation is both art and science. In the business sphere, the correct translation of the texts is extremely cruel to the success of a business, although the legal consequences may not be immediately noticeable. The price to be paid for error in the translation of parts of the contracted section of the contract may be substantial and may lead to huge losses. The task of translating scientific papers and legal documents can only be entrusted to experienced translators who have the appropriate competences.

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