If someone gives you undivided attention to having "quality time" with them. The key element of quality time is the coexistence. The community must be placed at the center of attention. The emotionally important thing is to spend time concentrating on each other. Activity is a vehicle that creates a sense of compassion.

All dialects exist in every language. Below you will find only a few, but in the end you need to understand the dialect of the spouse.


What is at emotional level is what counts. Tell them how you care about each other how you love to live together to love working together.

Quality Conversation:

Quality Conversation is a sympathetic dialogue where two people share their experiences, thoughts, feelings and desires in a friendly, uninterrupted environment. With the words of reinforcement, we focus on what we are saying since the quality conversation focuses on what we hear

. Keep eye contact when your spouse is talking.

2nd Do not listen to your spouse and do other things at once

3. Listen to the feelings and reflect them back. For example, "Sounds like you're feeling disappointed because I forgot _______."

4th Observe body language

5. Denial of Interruption

A quality conversation requires sympathetic silence, but it also reveals itself.

Quality Activities:

Quality activities can include those in which one or both of you are interested. The focus is not on what you are doing, but about why you do it. The basic ingredients are:

– at least one of them wants to do it,

– the other is willing to do so,

– you both know why you are doing – to express love when we are together. If your spouse's love language is QUALITY TIME:

  1. Be in the old neighborhood where one of them grew up. Ask your wife about the spouse's childhood. Ask: "What are the fun memories of your childhood?" Then, "What was the most painful in your childhood?"
  2. Go to the park and lend bikes. Go on while you are tired, then sit and watch the ducks. When you are tired of spells, wander around the rose garden. Know each other's favorite rose and why.
  3. To have lunch with your spouse in the spring or summer. Get to know her and drive to the local cemetery. Lay your table and eat the sandwiches and thank God for being alive. Share the things you want to do before you die.
  4. Ask your spouse for the list of five activities you want to enjoy with you. Make plans for one of them in the next five months. If you have a problem with money, you can free up the "not allow yourself" events.
  5. Ask your spouse where you live most when he talks to you. Next week, call me in the afternoon and say, "I want to sit with you on a yellow couch for a week, which night and what time would be the best for you?"
  6. is an activity that your spouse enjoys, but which means little joy for you: football, symphony, jazz or TV. Tell your spouse that you are trying to broaden your field of vision and would like to join this activity sometime this month. Set the date and give the best effort. Ask questions about activity at break time
  7. Plan a weekend getaway for only two in the next six months. Make sure this is a weekend when you do not have to call the office or turn your TV on every ten minutes. Focus on the relaxing coexistence enjoyed by one or both.
  8. Spend time each day to share the day's events. If you spend more time with the news than listening to each other, you are more worried about Iraq than your spouse.
  9. Once every 3 months, let's have a look at our history. Set aside one hour to focus on history. Choose five questions, each of which will answer, for example:
    the. Who was the best and worst teacher in the school and why?

    b. When did you feel your parents were proud of you?

    c. What's the worst mistake your mom ever has?

    d. What's your worst mistake ever?

    e. What do you remember about the religious aspects of your childhood?

    Every night, you will agree on five questions before you start sharing. Take the five questions at the end of the five questions and decide on the next five questions:

  10. Next to the fireplace (or an orange lamp). Spread blankets and pillows on the floor. Get Pepsi and popcorn. Suppose the TV is broken and talking as it used to be when it used to date. Speak until the sun comes up or something else happens. If the floor is too hard, go back upstairs and lie down. You will not forget tonight!

(Please read Gary Chapman's book "The Five Beloved Language")

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