A gift is what you hold in your hand and you say, "Look, he's thinking to me," or "He remembers me." Think of someone to give you a present. Gift is the symbol of thought itself. It does not matter if it costs you money.

Gifts do not have to be expensive and they do not have to be given on a weekly basis. But for some, their value has nothing to do with monetary value and love.

There are many dialects in every language. Below you will find only a few, but in the end you need to understand the dialect of the spouse.

Bought Gifts:

Whatever you can imagine, it costs less than the thought that goes with it. If a millionaire regularly gives only one dollar gift, the spouse may ask that this is the expression of love, but if the family finances are limited, the one-dollar gift may say a million dollars worth of love. Gifts you have found:

For example, from the yard or the side of the road, from the seashore on the beach, from a special stick, etc. All that they add.


There is an immaterial gift that sometimes speaks louder than a hand-held gift. This is my gift to you. If you are there when your spouse needs it, you are talking aloud to the one whose primary love language is a gift.

  1. Try the Parade of Gifts: Leave a box of candy to your spouse in the morning, deliver flowers in the afternoon and give him a shirt in the evening. When your spouse asks, "What's going on here?" you reply, "You are just trying to fill your tank of love!"
  2. Let nature be yours: the next time you walk in the neighborhood, keep your eyes open for a spouse's gift. It might be a stone, a stick or a flower. You can even add a special report to your natural gift. For example, a plain stone symbolizes marriage in many polished rough places. Pink can remind you of the beauty of your spouse.
  3. Discover the value of "handmade originals". Make a present for your spouse. This may require you to subscribe to an art or craft department: ceramic, silver forging, painting, wood carving etc. The main goal of enrolling is that the spouse is a gift. A handmade gift often becomes a family inheritance
  4. Give a present to your spouse every day for a week. It can not be a week, every week. I promise that this will be the "Week that was!" If you are very energetic then "It was the month!" No, your spouse does not expect you to keep it for a lifetime.
  5. Keep a "Gift Idea Notebook". Every time you hear your spouse say, "I like it," or "Oh, I really would like to have one!" Write down your notebooks, listen carefully and you will get a lot of lists. as a guide when you are ready to choose a gift. To prepare your pump, go through a shopping catalog.
  6. "Help me, I'm confused!" If you really do not know how to choose a gift for your spouse, ask a friend or family member who knows your wife or husband well enough to help you. if you get a gift, especially if you have the money.
  7. Presentation: Tell your spouse: "I recommend the gift of my presence or any occasion you would like this month. Tell me when, and I'll do everything to get there." Get ready, be positive! Who knows you can enjoy the symphony or the ice hockey.
  8. Give a book to your spouse and assume that you are reading it. Then choose a book about a subject you know about your spouse's interest in sex, football, handwork, money management, child rearing, religion, or backpacks.
  9. Give you lasting respects, give a present to your spouse's church or your favorite charity birthday, anniversary, or other occasion, ask for love to send a card so that your congregation or love will be happy to be your spouse.
  10. Give a present, buy and make a bouquet or a flowering scrub in honor of your spouse, you can install it in your own home where you can take care of water or in a public park or forest where others can enjoy it. You will receive this year after one year.

(Please read the book "The Five Love Language" by Gary Chapman)

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