Do you know that man's body language attracts women more than words? Do you know the guys are flirting? Did you know that there is a need for action rather than words? Yes, men flirt over with their gesture. This is a fine way to show that they love the woman. But how will you know that a guy is interested in you?

To be honest, there are many gestures a guy does when he loves her. Some are under consciousness. They do not even know they do it. You will know when they talk, sit, stand and walk. Man's body language can be deciphered. Here are some men's gestures that can help you to tell whether or not you are in it.

first Some body parts are moved.

If you have dinner with her, look at how she is sitting. You will know that he is in you when he sits with his leg. Make sure your feet are facing you. However, if your leg does not stand, this is not a good sign. That means you do not care. You may be bored. It's a good thing you notice this gesture because you can still make up for it. Do something that can spice the night before the romantic flame burns.

2nd Make sure you hold your hand.

A guy will be in you by catching your fingers, knitting with your fingers. This means that while you go with her, she has a very strong relationship with you, like a hat. He is not afraid of the other people he likes. He feels confident that he is. If you hold your hand in a non-locking position, but in a palm-palm position, it's better to take care of it. He was thinking in the friendly zone. This guy is not ready to see you yet. Besides, it is just fun and not a long-term commitment.

3rd Notice how he is talking.

You are interested in keeping in touch with you as I both attend a conversation. They believe that the eyes are the soul's windows. Obviously, you want to see that there is nothing to hide. He does not even lose sight of you. You will also know that a guy is hiding something from you touching his hair. You're trying to get him out of what you're talking about. You might want to hide something from yourself, just like someone else.

4th Check your posture.

The guy is not bored and obviously enjoys the date when he is standing on his chest, his head, stomach and arms in a relaxed state. Besides, his legs are open. This means there is a signal to share your feelings with him. He also hopes to take the next level.

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