When I was a student, my teacher told me that the highest job of a foreign language boss is a language translation company. These translators in today's society are the most talented, high-income, free and able to organize their own time. I'm not a bookshop, and I never count on access to academia. However, it was difficult not to tempt a job at a language compiler company. The form then began to focus on translation. After a few years of study, I realized that working at the compiler company requires more than I can imagine. Translation agencies need not only good language learners but rather need a cyclopedia. Do not forget about a sentence when working on language translation: purist, though exhausted.

Here are some simple understandings in my translation. If you want to work with a language exam company, the following points can help you:

Language is not only a community tool, but also an information carrier and media. The language to which people generally refer to is not a simple language and a written language, but also a non-character language created by gestures, signs, and space. This means that the language translation mission does not only translate one language into another language, but it takes on the thinking and information the language delivers. To achieve this, the translation service must basically have the following characteristics:

(One) First, it must be a foreign language of a certain level. People in foreign languages ​​do not put much emphasis on this point, but the people of other great publishers have to realize this. Perhaps you could say "the dictionary is capable". However, the dictionary can only serve as a reference, especially compared to the professional translation service, the quality of the translation is as important as the volume.

(Two) Background Knowledge. This reflects language skills, which includes interpretation services. The professional background is constantly improving during translation practice and studies. When learning the translations, choose one or two fields of interest that are of interest to you, and they are also very important and useful. The translator "has to know something and everything." The translator must have a wide range of knowledge and express an opinion in his own translation range. needs to meet the higher challenge.

(Three) Use all available resources. Let's talk about the software first. The most commonly used software for the translator is OFFICE and Kingsoft Powerword. The skilled work of the WORD is one of the indispensable requirements for a qualified language translation company. For example, the function of "spelling and grammar" in the WORD can help you verify the translation if it is incorrect or spelling or grammar.

Second, to make better use of network resources. Ample internet resources provide great convenience for our translation. When we encounter words that the dictionary software can not answer, we can use search engines, such as GOOGLE, to always get unexpected results. The internet is so huge that the translation results are both good and bad in search results, sometimes incorrect or bad. At this time, some of the official web pages of the bilingual comparison might be the ideal search result.

There are currently many English students, but only a few people can attend the official language translation service. Why? I think there are two reasons: one is lack of practice; two of the knowledge base is weak. In short, translation is not a day, it is the process that accumulates over a long period of time; This process is painful but can also be combined with the feeling of effectiveness. The way the language translation service is used is full of estimation, summary, rejection, abnegation and progress. In the coming days, let's move forward through the translation.

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