Myth: Sign language is just a gesture. This is not a language at all.

There is evidence that early people communicate with gestures. Later, the gestures evolved into proto-language and then full language. The spoken language could be similar. For example, different groats can mean different things. Then the morgues formed a more sophisticated syllable in a proto-language. Finally, an upbeat spoken language could have evolved. There might have been too many words to deal with, and as a potential result, structure could have prescribed words to be able to handle the many words. At what moment do the words of speech speak? At what moment do the gestures become the true language signals? There is too much morgue to find out that spoken language does not exist. Likewise, there is too much gesture to state that sign language does not exist

2. myth: If the sign language is iconic and photographic, then it can not be a language.

This kind of argument is logical. Research has shown that iconic signals are still too abstract for non-signatories to figure it out. Only basic signs like EAT, DRINK and SLEEP appear to be universal. There is no reason why language can not be iconic and abstract. English has iconic, phonographic words such as sounds of animals and things like cock-a-doodle-do, moo, woof, chime, ring, tick-tock, and so on. a word like other English words.

3rd myth: Sign language has no order or structure. For example, the SVO sequence does not exist in the American Sign Language (ASL).

There are some studies that have found evidence for both order and structure in sign language. Structure and arrangement of signs seems to follow the structure and the layout of words when the minimal space use around the body serves to express duplicate expressions. There are several ways to use space to express more than one concept. For example, a different group of a classifier group dictates structure and order

4. Myth: Sign Language is Direct and Corresponding to Speaking Language

English has many soybeans that mean the same. One ASL sign has all the same meaning in English, for example, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, good-looking, etc. Each one has an ASL mark BEAUTIFUL. However, various signals from ASL, such as bipolar RUN, quadpedal-RUN, OPERATE, MANAGE, COMPETE, etc., are able to portray the different meanings of the English word "run".

English is not easy because the use of space simultaneously implies several concepts.

5th Myth: Sign Language Slower than Speech Language

Research has found that the use of space and other cognitive shortcuts in ASL is comparable to English-language speed. Not slower or faster.

6th myth: The sign language is completely separate from the spoken language.

It is a general tendency to emphasize that sign language is completely separate from the spoken language. On the contrary, I found evidence. It is more likely that spoken language concepts, reports, and cognitive structures will affect the language that is signed. For example, in English, the adjective is preceded by the prefix of the nouns. This is obvious in ASL. In Spanish the adjectives are described after the nouns. This is also evident in Latin-American sign languages.

Signs of special vocabulary may include concepts and idioms for bilinguals to the spoken language. For example, some ASL interpreters say CHA and PAH! Another example is that the TRAIN-GONE ASL idiom was published as a book title Train Deal: Sex World Leah Hager Cohen. Another final example is the ILY signal used by hearing and deaf people worldwide as a virtually universal gesture

7. Myth: Sign Language Is Aborted

Sign Language is a cultural knowledge, similarly to Indian Indians. He also has advantages. The Navajo coders use their mother tongue to communicate vital war plans between World War II. Similarly, people can communicate between signals where communication is undesirable, practical or feasible. For example, signs can be used during secret operations under water or space. Sound technology needs the support of the spoken language in this position and can blow the lid away.

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