As translation needs grow all over the world, new players enter the computing market from many countries in all shapes and sizes. In this "jungle" how do you choose a truly reliable translation service? [19659002] Here are some key parameters to look for:

A translation company that works ONLY with professional translators: professional translators are translators who have a translation degree and have at least 5 years of experience. Acquiring a second language is not a good translator. In fact, a professional translator typically specializes in a particular field of expertise (medical translation, pharmaceutical translation, legal translation, marketing translation, humanitarian translation, technical translation, machine translation, environmental translation etc.). He has the necessary reference material to compile the most difficult texts as accurately as possible

Translation agency that uses computer-supported translation tools such as SDL Trados, the leader in this field. This does not mean that the translation is done by a machine. Instead, this is a very powerful tool that helps translators and lecturers maintain consistency throughout the translation. Common technical terms and longer texts are translated in the same way.

Translator company that builds client-specific glossaries. Each company and activity has its own terminology and preferences. In order for customers and foreign audiences to understand the translated documents, they must find the same vocabulary in all brochures and documents. Creating a glossary serves this purpose and provides even greater accuracy in building a company's "memory".

A translation company that performs quality checking through proven procedures before performing the translation. Quality control is an important step before the customer receives the translated documents. Only translation agencies can provide this kind of service as they normally have in-house translators who proofread all translations by translators. Quality control prevents major translation errors from occurring and ensures that the documents received are ready for printing, placing on the market, or publishing. Even the best translators have to make sure of their work

Translation company providing turnkey services: what if the document was created using FrameMaker, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator? Or do you have to translate XML, HTM or other types of files? Would you rather not accept translation in the same format as your internal services for DTP and risk a big mistake, as they often do not speak the language? Some companys are indeed providing DTP services and are able to provide complex, printed documents

Multilingual Translation Bureau: More and more companies need to translate their documents in multiple languages. Suppose you have to translate 18 languages ​​(French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Slovak). Are you ready to deal with 18 different translators and 18 lecturers? Answering questions, making sure everyone translate your instructions? This can be a very time-consuming task and therefore a recruitment agency, which means that it has only one point of contact, makes the translation process much easier for you.

A translation company that offers short turnarounds. If you have an urgent project, the compiler company must be able to create more teams with a translator / lecturer to meet the deadline requirements.

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