He loves me, he does not love me. He loves me, does not love me. Would not it be good to know for sure? Well, though there is not one way to tell if you are interested, or even more in your heart, you offer a lot of delicious and not so fine traits in man's body language that is much louder than words. [19659002] So, what do you do in body language to know that love has arrived? If you want to play a "love detective," then your first tips are:

Eye Contact

It's true when you want to love "eyes". In a face-to-face encounter, the first indicator of mutual attraction is eye contact. It is a fact that communication experts agree that if eye contact exceeds 70% in an interaction, the two speakers are likely to be more interested than the actual conversation. Likewise, if a person does not care, eye contact decreases.

Students Expand

If they look like an interesting subject, our students will be enlarged or bigger. This makes it easier to see the object you want.

Local Mirroring

Two people who are interested in each other and are moving together will perform a phenomenon called retrofitting or postural echo. As it sounds, posture mirroring occurs when a couple takes their loved ones with the same body position. For example, if a man is sitting with his leg and hands on his chin, then the other man is sitting with his feet and his hands on his chin. Or if a person takes his glass to drink, almost the same as the cue, the other person does the same.

Gestural Mirroring

The postural echo is an eclectic echo. Again, if two people are interested in each other, they often echo each other's gestures. For example, if a person uses the "thumb" at one time of the evening, it is common that this gesture will later be repeated later by the other person.

Vocational Mirror

is romantically interested in each other, echoing each other's posture and gestures, but they often echo each other's voice. For example, if one person talks slowly at the beginning of the conversation and the other is quick to speak, it is common at the end of the conversation that both have changed the speech level to a comfortable medium. Furthermore, when a person speaks fluent, the other speaks softly.

Pet Names

A good indication that a romance becomes more intense, occurs when a couple starts to name each other. Common animal names include "sweet", "sweet", "sweet", "sugar", "baby" and yes, even "sweet tang".

often deals with baby conversations. As much as talking to a baby, the baby conversation is done with a syrupy sweet voice. "How are my little girls today?", "Did you miss me?" Or "What is a sweet baby?"


. make a relationship If we touch and touch another person, we point out our interest when people approach each other, spend time in touching each other, sitting side by side, holding hands, or having a warm embrace, often finding lovers, unable to keep each other's hands .


One of the clearest indicators for someone interested in looking at their feet. they point to you, you can be sure you are there when you are interested.

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