This article contains tips for checking foreign-language translation. It is important to use a quality translation office to ensure product quality. After the document has been translated, it is important to review it. List of steps below:

1. Make sure the reviewer is completely bilingual.

Use a reviewer who is truly bilingual. Spanish-language admission in high school does not allow a person to accurately check translation.

2nd Make sure the expert knows the company and the industry.

The review must know the standard terminology and jargon to be accurately and accurately reviewed.

3rd Track all edits.

When editing your original, follow all the changes to save costs for translation edits.

4th Writing is subjective

Make sure that commentary is looking for errors, terminology accuracy, and report quality. The writing is subjective and the translation is too. If the translation is correct but not the same writing style as the reviewer, do not allow the text to be modified.

5th The report should be the same.

If you allow the reviewer to change the translation in another way that is more appropriate to the employee's footing, make sure that the translation company and the original translator match the changes.

6th The original translator looks at the edits.

The original translator needs to review and accept edits. If the translator does not agree with the edits, you must provide an explanation.

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