When you say that you are a special, breathtaking experience more when you say that this is the most popular person. However, there are different meanings of a word, so the special word can mean a hundred different things for different people.

You're strange because you're the only one.

Maybe this man is dating around you and you've found your soul mate in you. The special word means looking for a woman to spend her time.

You're strange because you really care about you.

Most people say that you are special when you are deeply in love with you. You have to express your own emotions, so say that. This is probably the most raw for all the reasons why you say you are a special person.

You're her man.

The man who says that you are special, can only mean that he already owns or names his own. That's what he says to keep himself. This is the way to tell the world that it is now a batch.

The special word is a love supplement.

Sometimes a man may be so shy that he will not be able to tell you how much he loves you. It just does not sound like it's serious, but it just tells you you're special to her.

You're strange because you appreciate your talents and skills.

This guy was supposed to beat you with your sweet singing or cooking skills. Then what is it to prevent her from being special because she really is? Not too many women could be good at painting, rock climbing or even knitting, so it is natural that she appreciates these things about you.

Say you're special, like a braking for his speeding emotions

He was just a gentleman. He was a gentleman.

This man just tries to please him, but he's still not for him. You are kind to yourself because you are a woman, so it is the most strange word you can think of.

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After each meeting has been met or noticed, it will never hurt to follow the thank you note. It shows that it respects customer time, and even if the product is not right at this time, the customer knows he is a polite, professional associate with whom he wants business.

Email or snail message? You know best; Think of the client's corporate culture. In general, emails are ok, especially if they are thankful for something informal like time.

Your voice is just something you can measure. If you have any doubts, the more formal is the better. Do not need to be cold or fussy, but respectful

Here are some examples of customizing your own situation.

first Example:

Dear Todd,

I was pleased to meet you yesterday. Your ideas about new approaches to sales within your region have gained insight and have helped me a lot. Thank you for saving me time and sharing your thoughts.


————————— ————– [19659002] Dear Dr. Price,

Thank you for seeing me yesterday. I appreciated the chance to discuss our new products with you. Your opinions are always useful and interesting. I hope the latest product meets your needs.

I'm always happy to see you.


——————– ——————— [19659002] Josh,

It was a pleasure to finally meet you today. The research project seems to be very interesting and offers stunning value for mobile phone service providers. As I have already discussed, my team has carried out extensive work on the type of data collection required for research.

Please let me know if I can provide more details on how we will work on the project.

I'm waiting for you to talk to you soon.

—————————————– [19659002] Dear Paul,

Thank you for your time. Jack and I appreciated your views on your new business development strategy. I know that you now have many demands on the timetable, so you can have more greetings than you did to us.

We are confident that we will return with you when the plan is finalized in order to provide your approval stamp and final comments.

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Activity Diagrams describe the current workflow behavior of the information technology system. These diagrams are very similar to status diagrams because the activities make the actual state. These diagrams show the status of the current activity of the system by presenting a series of actions performed. These charts also show activities that are conditional or parallel.

When to Use: Activity Charts

Activity diagrams must be aligned with other modeling techniques, such as interaction charts and status diagrams. The main reason for using the charts is modeling the workflow behind the planned system. these diagrams are useful for analyzing a case scenario, describing what steps to take and when to occur, describing a complicated sequential algorithm and modeling applications with parallel processes.

Advantages of Activity Diagrams:

  • UML Modeling Language that these charts are generally easy to understand for both analysts and stakeholders.
  • UML for IT Business Analyst: "The activity chart is one of the most useful for IT BA to represent the workflow [because] for BAs and End Users."
  • Since these are the most user-friendly charts, the basic tools of the analytical repertoire.
  • is an analyst who has introduced several conditions and actors in the workflow using swimlanes. Swimlans are, however, optional as a single condition, or the actor normally appears without them.

Disadvantages of Activity Diagrams:

UML Modeling Language means that these charts may be too complex because their user-friendliness can be a comprehensive description. In other words, since it's so simple to show project-related information, why not include all this? If an analyst has a big project, creating a single, overly complex chart can be a temptation.

However, as an author notes: "If you use activity indicators to determine the structure of a workflow, do not try to look at several levels of activity graphs at the most" atomic "level. Instead, an analyst should try to present a new diagram for each workflow,

Another aspect of the diagrams is that they can not be used instead of the status diagram or the sequence diagram, because "action diagrams do not give details of how objects behave, or, if they are more applicable, using swimls to display different actors in the same workflow. "This is not a disadvantage in itself, but it's important to keep an analyst in mind when using diagrams for their work.

In summary, the activity diagrams are quite easy to detect and will be useful for most project because they show clearly and moderately how things work. "Unlike many diagrams, these diagrams allow multiple selections and actors to be represented in the workflow and easy to follow for non-technical users

Activity Chart:

This chart has been extended to include physical substances (such as gasoline) or

  • Further modifications allow the diagram to better support continuous behavior and continuous data flow
  • The UML 2 specification significantly extended the characteristics and scale of activity charts such as:
  • The diagrams are considered flow charts of the 21st century and UML models describe activity charts
  • These diagrams are also useful in the following ways:
  • Business Rules
  • Parallel pref
  • Multiple Uses Case Complex Chain
  • Software Flows and Logic Control Configurations
  • Procedures and Alternative Flows
  • One Application Case

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English Language Certification Software allows you to control grammar using a technology that analyzes text from any source text editor, desktop application, or web browser, and verifies bugs and errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. It evaluates this text with an innovative tool that will further improve the style of the document and suggest ways to improve the text and make it more legible. All in all, this is a powerful application that can turn everyday English writing and transform things you do professionally.

How are you doing? It's very simple. Just select the text for proofing and press F2. That's right. There is a limit on the amount of text that can be highlighted and verified simultaneously, such as proofreading long documents during work, but for everyday mail, such as messages or emails that are not a problem. Think of it as the price of the power of the program. The software checks the English grammar and everything else in just a few seconds and highlights what mistakes you find and some suggestions for fixing errors. Grammar errors are red, spelling mistakes indicate the green, proposed blue suggestions. Users can easily see what errors have been made and corrected. Corrections and changes can be made in the application window.

This application not only can easily check English Grammar; it also has many other tools for new writers and specialists. There is a multilingual dictionary and a translator that can handle 13 different languages. This is perfect for novice writers who are generally not used in English, not native speakers or writers, and translators who simply ease their work.

The English language certification software is available in many versions that apply to almost every type of writer. Some are best for everyday writing, while others are recommended for professional writers. There are different writing profiles for the thesis. You can easily use English language learning with the English language certification software.

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We see fast growth in Internet users in recent years, and this growth is a challenge for Internet management teams, owners, and service providers. Internet infrastructure expands on a daily basis and enjoy Internet service in villages and remote areas. Increased use also increases online tools. Starting Internet Protocol Addressing (a given IP address for each online entity) is designed for 32 bits, and this scheme is an IP version IPv4.IPv4 such as a decimal number is used to make IPv4 addresses more comfortable for a person, and a 32-bit address is divided by four decimal digits with the period (.) character. Calculating these decimal values ​​and getting the total number of devices involved in this protocol (256x256x256x256) = allows for the 4.294.967.296 address. There are about 4 billion titles and no one in the early days of the internet can think 4 billion slots will be complete. here we look at some disadvantages of IPv4, as we have seen the problem of managing abilities, and then we go through the solution to replace the IPv4 and address the structure of the new addressing system. Disadvantages of New Features of IPv4 and IPv6

Rapid Internet Growth and Depletion of IPv4 Addressing

IPv4 addresses 4 294 967 296 addresses, which is about 4 billion and IP allocation limits the public IP address of IP addresses, address for a few hundred million. This limitation company is used by NAT (Network Address Translator) to map individual public IP addresses to multiple private IP addresses.

IPv4 Security at IP Level

During publishing, encryption of data is required to protect your privacy and privacy. After a while, we already have the security of IPv4 packets. This security is familiar with Internet protocol security or IPSec, but this is optional for IPv4.

Maintaining large routing tables on the Internet backbone network

The distribution of IPv4 network identifiers is very critical, currently there are more than 87,000 routers on the internet router today. Router Infrastructure Based on Flat and Hierarchical Routing

Quality of Service in IPv4

Nowadays internet users are not only browsing and search data limited. Current users are well versed in text and voice and video chat, video conferencing, and online video libraries. This type of communication requires real-time data transfer to the quality of the service. Typically, for such services, the UDP (User Data-gram Protocol) or TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) protocol is used. The IPv4 TOS field has limited functionality and time redefined and locally interpreted. In addition, a load identifier using a TCP or UDP port is not possible when IPv4 packet data is encrypted


As we see, there are some basic problems in IPv4 practice, now we look at some new IPv6s. here I like to describe the basic features of IPv6. Installing IPv6 is a big challenge for Internet management teams, owners, and service providers. It's hard but not impossible. Here you can see the benefits of IPv6. Maximum upgrade jump from IPv4 32-bit IPv6 128-bit.

IPv6 Header Format

The new header is designed to minimize the header. migrating non-essential and optional fields to the extensions that are placed after the IPv6 header. The IPv6 header works more efficiently with intermediate routers and generates efficiency. IPv6 is 4 times larger than IPv4 and its header size is twice that of the older version.

IPv6 Large Address Range

IPv6 Source and Destination Addresses are based on a 128-bit version. 128-bit addressing may result in more than 3.4 x 1038 possible combinations. At present, we can say that this is enough, but who know about the future, it may well have been having similar problems over IPv4 over the past few decades. 128-bit addressing allows us several levels of subnet and address allocation. So we can say that we have a lot of titles for future use.

Addressing and Managing the IPv6 Infrastructure Efficiency

IPv6, which provides efficient, hierarchical and comprehensible routing infrastructure, multi-level ISPs. Reduces the size of the routing table routing networks.

Security features already embedded

IPv6 is supported by IPsec (support for AH and ESP headers) and supports mobile IPv6 mobility. IPSec, based on two types of extensions, and a protocol for negotiating security settings. The authentication header (AH) provides data integrity, data authentication, and replay protection for the entire IPv6 packet. For better-format developers who have built-in security features designed to develop IPv6, not to rotate it later.

IPv6 Quality of Service (QoS)

As we have seen UDP and TCP protocols for streaming and other multimedia services over the Internet. This is because of the increasing use of these services from day to day. IPv6 has a flow field in its header, which better and specially handles packets from source to target. Data traffic is identified in the IPv6 header, QoS support can be implemented even if the packet delivery network is encrypted with IPSec and ESP.

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In January 2013, USPS dramatically increases the First Class International Mail tariff. In many cases, the delivery cost of international packages is doubled. While this may be a very bad news for many Amazon and eBay sellers, there are some good news. USPS officially launches a new international trading service called a commercial ePacket in the United States.

Commercial ePacket USPS product, provided by a USPS-approved pre-qualified wholesaler (PQW). This service has a very beneficial effect on sending overseas lightweight, low value products. Amazon and eBay sellers are comfortable with the fact that they no longer have to prepare documentation from the US and the necessary labels. The selected USPS PQW provides the required documentation. In addition, all eRetailer can track these packages on USPS.com in the 14 participating countries.

Some of the important features of a commercial ePacket service are as follows:

  • Economical Ecommerce Mail Product Tracking and Delivery Confirmation
  • Lightweight Low Value Items < (19659005) 7 days
  • Postage clearance (recipients payable and taxes)
  • Free download on non-deliverable items
  • Free shipping on non-deliverable items
  • Tracking directly at USPS.com
  • 14 Participating Countries: Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Belgium, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain. Ireland, Finland, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom
  • Shipping rate averages 90% in all countries
  • USPS approved PQW
  • prices Induction sites in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles [19659005] USPS Acceptance Testing and Delivery Scanning by Foreign Mail
  • Unique Label and Bar Code Identifier – LX Prefix
  • Electronic Declaration, Labeling by Pre-Qualified Wholesaler, and ONLY Bag Dropout

] How does ePack work?

Customers contact a USPS PQW in their region and talk to someone about how to get started. Ideally, you would like to choose a PQW who has the ability to communicate in all three cities. This will be extremely important due to unpleasant weather and natural disasters. PQW with multiple devices in all 3 pick-up facilities can help ensure that your mail is moved to another pick-up center when it's closed or there is no flight as we have seen in Hurricane Sandy.

PQW will walk through the process of setting labels and data storage functions. After all the data capture functions are switched on, send the mail or PQW sends the vehicle to its place. You will need to send out the sent mails every day and send the Customs Information for all packages electronically.

When the packets arrive at PQW, the PQW confirms that they received the electronic manifesto for details of day delivery. If PQW does not receive the manifest, it can not process its emails through the Commercial ePacket service. Upon receipt of the manifesto, electronic information will be uploaded to the USPS system and all the labels and required customs documentation will be generated. The packages will then be tagged and the country of destination will be released and shipped to the International Service Center (ISC) designated by USPS.

By accepting the USPS ISC, the bags will be opened and each package will be read as evidence and placed on the next available outbound flight to the destination country. After the flight arrives, the parcels are cleared through customs through the postal customs clearance mechanism. This ensures that the packages move quickly through the cleaning process and are not affected by typical delays due to the normal air traffic management system.

After Clearance, packets will be placed in the PRIME network and priority will be given to the destination country. Customers waiting to receive packages can trust that tracking information will be provided directly to the USPS Web site. This feature eliminates customer service calls that are received daily from many Amazon and eBay vendors.

After the parcels arrive via the postal system of the country of destination, the package will be received by the mailbox. This scanning event will be uploaded to the USPS Web site and accessible to everyone who wants to track the progress of individual shipments.

Based on my original findings, this service is a great offer for 100 or more packages per day. However, some customers who deliver less than 100 packages a day can also take advantage of this service if they decide to schedule one or two days of ordering before sending. Obviously, every customer has their own idiosyncrasy, which can affect if a service such as Commercial ePacket is beneficial. However, depending on how far the JFK Airport, the O & # 39; hare International Airport or Los Angeles International Airport is from day to day, you can make less than 100 packages a day. For details on the service, I would like to add USPS-approved PQW today.

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When you sit down on a woman, the thing you first think is "how long does it take before I start licking before it can come?"

This is a very important question, but secondary and you need to take the head of your mind. Instead, you should focus on those breeds the woman best suits. If we feel good and relax, we have much greater priority than you are going to spend.

There are four languages ​​that every guy needs to know, and these are:

  • Ice Cream Bottle
  • Up and Down on Both Sides
  • Circle
  • Side-to-Side Sliding

These four languages ​​let you figure out what's going to happen and ultimately you can find your rhythm. If you succeed in compiling the magical combination of fingers and fingerprints that bring the lady to the wind, you're as good as gold. All this is a great 4 part of the cunnilingus show.

Ice Contour:

It sounds like this. Make your tongue so wide and flat that it starts from the bottom and slowly moves upwards. You want to cover a lot of land and keep all the lures as long as possible, fluently and continuously. The ice cream lynx is most used when a language moves from one technique to another

Up and down all pages and circles:

These two are definitely better when used together. In most of the tinkering you find the right combination of ties and the silence of your wife to be able to accept them.

After kissing all areas of her vagina, she used only the lips, and some long and luscious ice-cream melt, she must be ready to pull off and find a rhythm. Up and down sliding is great in this experimental phase.

The key to this fundamental yet powerful movement is to use your fingers to hold your mouthpiece open so that your tongues run up and down the channels between inner and outer lips on both sides of the foal.

Circles (Again):

Combining your clitoris with your tongue is a great way to mix both with you and your tongue while simultaneously rhythm that allows me to continue to orgasm. If your tongue should not be wide and flat, it should be a bit more sharp. Also, try to maintain a constant contact and do not overuse your language.

Side-to-Side Flick:

When done well and at the right time, this picked the top. By now, the woman has to get up and do a rhythm. When things go right, you move your hips closer to your face or pull your head closer to your chest. When you show these signs or special moves or sounds that tell you that it is close, your tongue and acne should be taken directly to your clitoris. Moves your tongue horizontally. This is one of the few occasions to lick her clit directly.

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The prostate is a glandular male reproductive system. It is not found in women. Its primary function is the production of seminal fluid and encourages orgasm in men. The prostate gland may be affected by the disease, including infectious inflammation or prostate cancer, and prostate cancer, which is the second most deadly cancer among American men. Many people recommend that prostate development be promoted regularly against prostate cancer and prostate cancer.

Prostate milking is also referred to as a prostate massage. This is a fairly simple procedure and you can do it if you want. Here are the steps you can take with your prostate:

1. Perform urination or intestinal movement to maximize the area's relaxation

. Make sure your nails are cleansed and have no broken edges.

3rd Clean your body and hands thoroughly. Then put the sterile latex gloves on your hands. Dop is a little water-based lubricant on your fingers.

4th Carefully place your finger or fingers in the anus. Move them gradually up and back to the rectum area in front of your body. Your fingers move roughly to the navel.

5th You will feel the prostate gland, which is like a small circular bulb for the size of a large walnut. Carefully massage lightly wavy movement along its sides, making sure that you do not press hard on the central area where sensitive nerve is located. Avoid touching the prostate gland with your nails.

6th You may feel an unpleasant feeling that makes you feel like going to the bathroom, though you do not have to. Try not to let it affect you and continue the process.

7th After a few minutes, the prostate may induce enough ejaculation. You are also likely to experience sexual pleasure or orgasm. However, the process does not always result in ejaculation.

Prostate milking, when used as a preventative treatment, may carry some risk. This is a method that is not recommended for men with prostate or acute prostatitis, acute inflammation of the glands. The problem in such cases is that prostate milkfeeding can cause the spread of infection to other areas of the body.

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Online affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing business between the website owner and an online merchant. The website owner puts advertisements on your site to help sell your merchant's products or transfer potential customers to the trader's website, all in return for profit sharing.

Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing is sometimes referred to as an affiliate program, but it can be called a solvency program or affiliate program. The affiliate program is a marketing tool for e-business, a so-called trader or advertiser, and a revenue stream for an e-business that is involved in it, associate, affiliate or publisher

. There are three ways to earn money through affiliate marketing:

1) Cost-per-click or cost-per-click: Every time a potential customer clicks the affiliate site by clicking the link to the merchant's site, he places a certain amount in your affiliate account. This amount may be pennies or dollars depending on the product and the amount of the commission.

2) Amount paid for giant or social associate programs: The merchant charges the merger for all visitors who click through the merchant's site and takes action and arranges, for example, an online survey or email To receive.

3) Affiliate Program or Affiliate Marketing Costs: Each time a sale is made as a result of advertising on the affiliate's website, a percentage or commission is placed on the Affiliate's account.

Amazon story

The world's largest bookstore is one of the most successful examples of an affiliate program (the so-called affiliate program). Amazon now has over one million subsidiaries! This is over one million websites that actively promote their products every second every day. Amazon generates more than 40% revenue through its affiliate program. It's over $ 3 billion in revenue each year! Like another (somewhat humble comparison) example, Zeald generates more than 50% of its revenue through its own unique affiliate program. True, it's not enough for billions of dollars, but that's certainly a million dollar revenue each year.

Thousands of different e-businesses operate affiliate programs, for example. barnes & nobale, dell, 1-800 flowers, rackspace managed hosting, etc.

Affiliate Programs as a Marketing Tool

The trader has two major advantages

1. Lead your marketing efforts directly to lead or sales.

2. The merchant only pays for the results.

The two main benefits for the affiliate

1. Provides a further source of revenue for the affiliate who also sells products / services

2. The primary source of income for those who are interested in entertainment or information

There are two ways to operate successful affiliate marketing

1. Acquire huge and associate membership. for example. Amazon Associated Programs have over one million members like:

– RVPart – Sells Subway and Motorcycle Parts.

– Dilbert – Website for viewing cartoons, playing games, sending e-mails etc.

– Books for Managers – Business Overview and Lists of Currants' Favorite Books on Business, Featured in the Business Week, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Other Publications.

– HaperCollins – A page that promotes your authors and books. However, like many publishers. HaperCollins books are sold at bookstores, not directly to the public.

2. Get fewer, more powerful partners that handle large amounts of site traffic and offer websites, products, and services that are directly related to your merchant's products and services.

Affiliate Programs as a Revenue Source

Participates in a co-program and gets the most out of your participation:

– Choosing the right vendor and partner program for e-business

– Understand the terms of the Association Agreement

– Add custom links to the merchant's site on affiliate websites

– Build traffic to your affiliate site to increase your click-through channels to the merchant's site.

Top 10 tips to choose the right partner program

1. You must identify a product or service that you need. The product must be such that you love and enjoy your advertising. You can start searching for "Affiliate Programs" in search engines.

2. The product or service must be relevant to your site.

3. It is always wise to join a long-term, secure and secure co-operation program that has gained a reputation in the internet world. This can be easily checked by the Better Business Bureau or other similar organizations. Visiting forums and chat groups provides a lot of useful information.

4. Most Affiliate Program Providers provide 5% to 50% commission. The commission earned for the sale of the product is the main revenue. Therefore, when selecting an affiliate program, you must study the commission paid and decide on a program that pays at least 35% to work successfully.

5. An appropriate tracking system must be created to capture all clicks and sales via text links and banners on your site, email, and other ads.

6. One of the most important factors that is often ignored is "the proportion of sales". This indicates how many hits should be created for a text link or banner to create a sale. This gives an idea of ​​how much traffic is needed before selling.

7. How often do you pay commissions? This is another important issue that needs to be taken into account. Most famous organizations pay monthly to their affiliates, or when they collect a minimum commission of 50 to 50 dollars or as you have indicated. Avoid any program that requires too much sales to reach the minimum amount.

8. Affiliate programs are usually single-level or two-tier. A one-tier program pays for all business. On the other hand, a two-tier program pays for the business you generate and a commission for the sales generated by the sub-affiliate that you sponsored. Two level program is always beneficial.

9. Long-term reputable organizations provide a variety of tools and resources, including banners, text links, brochures, web pages, and training for their affiliates. When choosing, take care of such organizations as they will certainly make life easier and help you develop home-based business.

10. Finally, you must read and understand the agreement before joining, even if it is the best organization in the world.

Understanding Partner Agreement

The affiliate agreement established by the merchant and accepted by the affiliate defines all aspects of the affiliate program and typically includes:

– Types of website vendors accept the affiliate program

– Types of permissible links and guidelines for their use.

– Schedule and Payment Schedule for Fees and Commissions

– Use a merchant logo, name, and web content

– Technical specification that your site must comply, if any

– Restrictions on content types that appear on associate sites

– Requirements for Compliance with All Government Laws, Orders, Rules and Regulations

Partner Tracking Systems

– Allow the merchant to check how he clicks on clicks

– Monitor the time when affiliate loans get a click

– Fixing and storing affiliate information

– Insurance Premium / Toll Reports

Affiliate Management Networks

The affiliate management network is a third party that takes member companies, manages the registration process, monitors and appropriately entitles fees and commissions, and provides for payment. For these services, the affiliate management network collects the fee or commission of each transfer transaction from the merchant – up to 30 percent.

Founding Affiliate Management Networks: Example: Commission Junction, LinkShare [2] 19659002] Partner Tracking Technologies

To achieve this, we build a strategic online relationship with advertisers to improve the creation, management, and analysis of online marketing and sales activities. These activities are supported by scalable and reliable tracking technology. Tracking click receipts and accruing affiliates is a complex programming task. BeFree and ClickTrade companies sell software that automatically tracks and verifies all links that follow, resulting in sales. Keep in mind that ClickTrade was purchased by Microsoft and is part of Microsoft bCentral.

Some tracking technologies include:

– Custom links that contain affiliate information or affiliate and merchant information

– Keep track of cookies

– Third party tracking software

– Application Service Provider Tracking Service

– Subdomain tracking

– Database Records Reconciliation

Affiliate Marketing Risks and Challenges

Affiliate marketing is not free from certain risks and challenges, primarily from unethical affiliates and negative perceptions where online consumers have tracking technology.

Non-Ethical Associations

– Cookie filling – Multiple cookies are placed on the visitor's hard disk under a single visitor partner site.

– Spyware – A general description that is used to describe software installed on a personal computer without the owner's permission, without knowing it, can download and install spyware games, screensavers, freeware utilities and so on.

– Parasiteware – redirects affiliate links and replaces existing tracking cookies

– Spammeries – The merchant is responsible for partner use spam to promote websites

– Negative detection of tracking cookies – Many consumers install and use blocking software, which includes blocking cookies and deleting tracking cookies.

Why Affiliate Marketing is an E-Business

When considering an affiliate marketing business, there are some very good reasons to go for this method to produce recurring revenue. Here are some ways affiliate marketing can be a profitable earning that will be stable and allow exposure to increase over time.

– The first benefits of affiliate marketing for the new entrepreneur are that the startup cost is very low. Most affiliate marketing programs do not require any type of monetary investment from the affiliate.

– The second cost is limited to what you have to pay for Internet access, software to be downloaded to a computer, and a site where affiliate marketing ads can be placed. The website hosting such a cheap service these days creating your own website with the associated ads will be breeze.

– Another reason why affiliate marketing is such a moneymaker is the fact that there are many ways to create a program. You can go with the pay per click option, which works great when you offer special offers. Ads that lead to product review pages are often a way for users of the product to pass through the portal and leave comments on purchased items.

The first thing to avoid first of these silly Affiliate Marketing bugs!

While affiliate marketing is a great way to make a living, the fact that many people are discouraged and lag behind programs. In many cases, the failure of affiliate marketing has made some simple mistakes. Here are some examples of these errors and why they should be avoided.

– Low quality, original content website and some affiliate links. While it is true that you have to create a web site and participate in an affiliate program, you also need to make some efforts to get the word from your site. Otherwise, visitors to web pages will have a chance and one click will be quite thin.

– Another mistake made by a number of affiliated partners is that it does not select products that are relevant to the content of the site.

– The content of the page and the more or less relevant relevance of the ads to each other, makes it easier to monetize and not lose itself as an affiliate marketer. Now, this may seem intuitive – but many people make this mistake fine (that is, they do not match their customers with the products).

– One of the ultimate bugs set up by many affiliate marketers does not refresh their site from time to time. Keeping fresh content is one of the ways to build and maintain a faithful readership because it keeps the same old look and the same old text and there is nothing new to bring people back. You certainly limit your chances of being a successful affiliate marketinger. The fact that you need to proactively promote your site, keep content fresh and make sure your ads are related to the subject of your site.

What you need for first steps and associated marketing

While there is not much effort to introduce affiliate marketing, there are a few things to do when you are really looking for money to marketing other people's products.

Here are some basic tips to help you sort everything before someone sign up for the first co-program.

– One of the basic requirements of successful affiliate programs is to have our own web site. While it is possible to purchase a place for advertising on sites and advertising through Google Adwords, this is a short-term strategy that creates a basic site that pays particular attention to the success of the program. Keep in mind that your site should not be very complex with many media, animations, or other ringtones and whistles.

– In fact, if you plan to focus your attention on affiliate marketing strategies directed at home consumers, it's better to have a simple site download quickly on the dial-up connection. After all, dial-up connections are still very popular in many places.

– Online payments are a great way to have easy access to affiliate payments and keep track of your earnings. From this angel you should consider opening an account with one of the most popular online services that send and receive money. eg. PayPal

Another important aspect is to determine exactly how your contact information will be about communicating with your affiliate program. This includes an email address and a physical mailing address. The email address is one that you specifically set up for your marketing activity.

How to choose the best product with the best payout and high demand

– One of the most important things to think about when it comes to affiliate marketing is to determine where your talents and expertise are. One of the most important solutions to choosing the best products for a given situation is what you know and how much you know about it. For example, a person who has worked in telecommunications for several years will probably be able to talk about telephony, related services, and the technology used in that industry.

– Another aspect of preparing for the right products, where it is related to filling a gap. Identifying the population or the business sector that seems to largely ignore the marketing process can give you the inspiration you need to create a successful affiliate marketing program.

– Do not let yourself be disheartened, simply because everything is not crystal clear as you begin this part of the process. Exercising some patience and the time for you to find the right products that are part of the program are only intended to better address the success of the program

Finally, you will find products that will result in a very successful affiliate marketing system and not only provide a good source of revenue, but also a lot of personal satisfaction.


When you decide to enter the affiliate marketing world, there are a number of markets that are noteworthy. Here are three programs that have recognized many people's attention simply because of their stability and reliability

. Perhaps the best known of these three programs is Click Bank: clickbank. There are several reasons why people find ClickBank as an attractive option when it comes to affiliate programs. One aspect is that revenue from any purchase through the ad portal will be credited to your account within two minutes of the end of the transaction. Because Click Bank provides such a comprehensive tracking program.

2. Pavdotcom is also an excellent choice as an Associated Network. Just as with ClickBank, PayDotCom provides an easy-to-use social interface that allows you to view your numbers in real time. You can easily track such data like the number of clicks on your ads and the amount of commissions by directing visitors to your site through the website portal. One of the advantages of PayDotCom is that this program connects to the PayPal account, which means that you can send monthly commissions to your PayPal account directly. It's important to note that not all sellers will use PayPal as a payment method to check payments.

3. Shareasale is a third option that quickly recognizes affiliate marketing. As a program designed to match the content of an existing website, Share is free to join as a partner.

Increasing to the Super Affiliate Level – what constitutes the Super Affiliate?

A superstar is a marketing association that has created a network that generates a large turnover of affiliate products and a large percentage of sales cleansed from the market. A super-affiliate is not one who, on one occasion or even in a good time, reaches this level.

– Creativity is one of the main features of a superstore. The ability to present the same old information will keep new perspectives for the audience. Super Affiliates know how to view products from different angles, determine the many ways to present the product, and then come out and find the audience to comply with these modes. There is always another way for a supreme company to draw attention to a product and to find a greater audience than ever before.

Another attribute of the superstore is the desire and ability to acquire technology. This does not necessarily mean that information technology becomes an expert. But this includes sufficient knowledge of existing technologies in order to utilize the roads already open on the Internet to popularize products.

– Making the most of the status of the superstition means that you can enjoy the potential of the mouth in question; in addition, it means taking things into your own hands and promoting your status by increasing your visibility.

Super Affiliate Marketing Tactics Exposed!

So what is it that allows a superstore to get hundreds or even thousands of sales when they struggle to make 5 sales of the same product? Why are your super affiliates running in cash while you're fighting? Think about it carefully: both of them sell the same product. The only possible difference is the tactics he launched. Below we have included some tactics that should be used more than supercomputers. Try to paste them into your strategy.

first tactics: to play the long game

When a new launch comes up, it collects a promotional website; and try to control traffic by a click-through search engine or ads. But there is a big mistake with this approach: almost without exception, people buy a "high-start" product from a web marketer who already knows that they need to play long games rather than concentrating on individual launches, an approach that has been for years working continuously to get more sales.

Tactics 2: Get Super Affiliates whenever possible

Many of the super-companies are also a big name for internet marketers. We can easily track them with their public figures. We can find their user lists, blogs, mailing lists, and websites. With this approach we can learn from each of them.

Tactics 3: No Conversation; Find the explored preference

Only talk about it: talk. Many Internet marketers will talk about different types of methods that you can earn money. They tell you to advertise using Google AdWords or create a list or create virus reports. While this information may be useful and legitimate, you have to ignore what you are saying and watch what they are doing. This is the "revealed preference".

Tactics 4: Make friends with the seller

Believe it or not, the seller wants it to be successful. So contact him ahead of time, make friends with him; and see if there is any specific advice on selling the product. Keep in mind that you regularly talk to a lot of companies (especially among the big launchers), and you have the best understanding of the tactics they actually use.

Become Supreme Affiliate Marketing: More Supreme Affiliate Marketing Tips

If you want to make a six-member income – and perhaps a seven-fold income – you must do something that is really different from what you are doing now. The big question is how can I do this? Here is the following suggestion:

1. Tip: Start as an entrepreneur

If you want to be a successful product marketer, you need to find people who can increase their weakness (and trust me how clever you are, with many weaknesses). In addition, affiliate marketers do not work in isolation. Most of them are friends with the distributors they sell; and it provides much more leverage and information than you can access. So start thinking about yourself as a business owner rather than a completely self-employed internet marketer.

Tip 2: Concentrate on regular sales

Regular sales are easier to quantify and predict; and therefore it is much easier to keep up the small, regular sales as long as you do not make hundreds of thousands of dollars a million dollars a year. So do not worry if you are the most important partner for introducing a great new product. Instead, it focuses on regular sales and regular sales growth.

Tip # 3: Do what they do – not what they say

Take care of the marketing channels through which you promote your products. Carefully pay attention to the ways you use it to sell, so you can replicate success, not your dreams you've written about it.


We can conclude that choosing a suitable partner program can be a time-consuming but valuable process. The above-mentioned whole process is also conducive to the learning curve of new entrepreneurs who are serious about starting a successful home-based business. It is thus possible for business students and young entrepreneurs to develop a simple, limited-budget web page that can simply be rendered through their own savings. This web site is only $ 100 to $ 200 (approx. Increase your business growth by adopting an approach where you can associate business and web traffic with relevant sites

Finally, there is no way to associate marketing assets – and that's a good thing. Instead, there are many ways you can make millions, so look carefully at functional methods that you can use and apply them in your own efforts, and you may be surprised by the results, but whatever you do – do not use strategies that have not worked in the past You always think of super-companies because they employ a variety of tactics and use different methods to consistently outperform other affiliates, but one thing that you always have to play is the long game and create lists, forums must create and protect the audience before the productions.

The Report

The author pleaded with Ms. Umera Imtinan, a proposal to write this article.


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Supported by sbobet

I've always been interested in the subject of intelligence. As a child, my mother would call me "smart," but I quickly noticed that every parent found her children smart. In time, I discover that every child is not smart, just as every child is not cute. If that were the case, it would be a beautiful world of smart people – not what it was.

Some are smart; but are not as clever as we think, and others are smarter than they seem to be, questioning how to determine reasoning? What makes one person smarter than the other? When does "street intelligence" mean more than "book intelligent"? Can you be smart and stupid? Are the effects of genetics or the environment smarter?

Then there are questions of education, intelligence and wisdom.

What does a highly qualified person mean? What's the difference between highly trained and extremely intelligent? Are you highly trained, automatically intelligent? Can one be intelligent without being highly trained? Do IQs really mean what? What makes a wise man? Why is wisdom typical of old age?

My quest to find answers to these questions inspired by many hours of intensive research, including 6 books, hundreds of research papers and countless lessons on the Internet; which resembles the lifespan of studies and research that play a pioneering role in intelligence and education such as Howard Gardner, Richard Sternberg, Linda S. Gottfredson, Thomas Sowell, Alfie Kohn and Diane F. Halpern whose work is in this article

My goal was simple: collecting, synthesizing and presenting data that means they are smart, smart and intelligent so that anyone can understand and use them. Because of this there was no better (or better) place than at the beginning of our existence: as a fetus in the womb.

There is serious evidence that consumption of high-mix foods is vital to building the prenatal brain both before and during pregnancy. Researchers were closely related to low levels of iron disease and reduced IQ. Foods rich in iron include lime beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, seafood, nuts, dried fruits, oatmeal and enriched cereals

for each test and significantly lower language skills, fine motor skills and tractability than higher prenatal iron children. In essence, proper prenatal care is essential for the development of cognitive abilities. Cognitive Skills are the basic mental skills we use for thinking, learning and learning. These include a wide range of mental processes for analyzing sounds and images, recalling information from memory, combining certain information, and focusing on certain tasks. Individually identifiable and measurable. The strength and efficiency of cognitive ability are directly related to the student's ease of learning.


Consumption during pregnancy is not smart. In fact, this is completely obscure. Studies in alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research show that light and moderate drinking, especially in the second trimester, is associated with lower IQs of the offspring in 10 years of age. This result particularly is about the African-American as the Caucasian offspring.

"IQ is the child's ability to learn and survive in school and everyday life Although a small but significant proportion of children are diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) every year, many other children experience alcohol abuse during pregnancy do not meet the FAS criteria, yet they lack the growth and cognitive functions, "said Jennifer A. Willford, professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh.

Paul D. Connor, Clinical Director of the Fetal Alcohol and Drug Division and Associate Professor of Psychiatric and Behavioral Sciences at Washington University, says this:

"There are several areas of cognitive functioning that even include a rela academic performance (especially arithmetic), adaptive operation, and executive functions (problem-solving and empirical learning abilities). Intellectual, performance, adaptive, and implementation failures can make financial management more difficult, independently, without help and can understand the mistakes "

This is a key statement directly related to the definition of psychology (discussed later in this article). Studies have shown that frequent exposure of the human fetus to ultrasound waves is associated with a decrease in newborn's body weight, increased frequency of left-handedness, and reduced delayed speech.

Because ultrasonic energy is a high-frequency mechanical vibration, researchers suspect that this may affect the migration of neurons to a developing fetus. Mammalian neurons multiply often in early fetal development and migrate to their final destination. The rocess may result in abnormal brain function.

Commercial companies (which are ultrasonic for "souvenir" purposes) are now able to provide popular 3D and 4D images by creating stronger ultrasonic machines. However, the procedure lasts longer when trying to produce 30 minutes of fetal videos in the uterus.

The new scientist was published in the following journal: Ultrasound examination may prevent cell separation and commit suicide. Routine scanners, which in the past 40 years have given doctors a glimpse into the fetus and internal organs, affect the normal cell cycle.

On the FDA website this information is about ultrasound: While ultrasound has been working for years, pregnant women and their families need to know that repeated ultrasound exposure to long-term effects on the fetus is not completely known. In the knowledge of those who are still unknown, they do not have a good chance of prenatal ultrasound, it is not a good idea. NATURE VERSUS NURTURE … VITA IS CONTINUING

Now that he is aware of some known factors that determine, improve and influence the intellectual development of the fetus, it is time to conceive. If this baby is born, which will be key to developing its meaning: nature (genetics) or nutrition (the environment)?

Scientists and psychologists have apparently gone back and forth for centuries. I have read a number of comprehensive studies and reports on this topic in the research phase of this article, and I think it is time to relax this debate. Both nature and education are as important and must be fully respected in the spiritual development of each child. This can not be a / or a suggestion.

According to a recent study early intervention in the home and in the classroom can make a big difference to a child born in extreme poverty Eric says Turkheimer, psychologist at Virginia University, Charlottesville. The study concludes that while the genetic composition explains the majority of IQ differences for children in richer families, the environment – and not the genes – makes a bigger difference for minority children living in low-income homes.

What scientists call "inheritance" – genes influence IQ – was considerably lower for poor families. "Once placed in a suitable environment, genes begin to take over," said Mr. Turkheimer, "but in a bad environment genes do not have this ability."

But there are genes and accounts that contradict these findings … a kind of

Linda S. Gottfredson, professor of educational studies at Delaware University, wrote in his article The General Intelligence Factor has little to do for the IQ. Many people still misunderstand that social, psychological and economic differences between families bring lasting and significant differences to the IQ.

He found that behavioral genetics refer to environmental impacts such as "shared" as they are common to shared brothers. According to her reports, the inheritance of the IQ increases with age; that is, the extent to which genetics calculate IQ differences between individuals as people are older.

In his paper, he also refers to studies that include comparative studies of the same and fraternal twins that a group led by a group over the past decade, according to Thomas J. Bouchard, University of Minnesota and other scholars, about 40 percent of IQ differences among kindergartens is derived from genetic differences, but herpeticability rises from adolescence to 60 percent and is a percentage of late adulthood

And this is probably the most interesting information and relevant to this part of my article:

Differences in individuals' age with their advanced intelligence better reflect genetic their differences. Bouchard came to the conclusion that children were subjected to the circumstances of their lives by parents, schools, and other representatives of society. Older people become more independent and tend to find life stages that are most fond of their genetic predisposition. Parents New Zealand's Christchurch Institute of Medicine studied more than 1,000 children between April and August 1977. Between birth and one year, information was collected on how these children were nourished.

The infants were followed by 18 years of age. Over the years, researchers have collected a wealth of cognitive and academic information about children, including IQ, school performance in reading and math, and the results of standardized tests in mathematics and scolastics. The researchers also surveyed the number of passive values ​​achieved at national school certificates at the end of the third year of the grammar school

The results show that longer children were breastfeeding, tests Thomas Sowell, Competition, IQ, Black Crimes and Facts Ignoring Liberals revealed some fascinating information that every parent should take note of. He writes:

There is a strong case that black Americans are in many disadvantages. Studies show from time to time that, prior to school, black children are on average less exposed to vocabulary than white children, partly because of socio-economic factors.

While children in professional households are typically exposed to 2,150 different words each day, children in working-class households are exposed to 1250 and households have only 620 children.

Yes, the clever sounding children usually come from a trained, professional, two-parent environment that prefers valuable language skills and vocabulary from smart-sounding residents.

Mr. Sowell continues: Black children obviously are not responsible for their poor socio-economic situation, but things that go beyond the economic situation in black homes are working. Black people did not sign up for the "great mission" of the white middle class – this is a constant endeavor to encourage intellectual growth and their involvement in Harvard or Oxbridge.

Elsie Moore, Arizona State University, Phoenix, or black or white parents, all of whom were middle class professionals. At the age of 7.5, blackheads had 13 IQ points behind the whites in their homes. At that moment, during my research, I have been raised to you and it becomes quite obvious to you that many children are inclined to be smart, educated and intelligent, simply by subjecting them to the influencing factors that determine them long before they start school.

the right prenatal care, the educated, communicative parents, and the nutritious environment in which they can live, each has accumulated an advantage in formulating intellectual abilities. As you can see, some children have unfair advantages from the start.

Malcolm Gladwell, author of the top-selling book Outliers wrote that "accumulated benefits" are made possible by arbitrary rules. and such unfair advantages everywhere. "Successful people who are most likely to receive social opportunities that lead to further success," he writes. "The rich get the biggest tax breaks: the best students who get the best education and the greatest attention."

With this in mind, we turn our attention to education and intelligence

IT TO DO THIS MANUALLY? Alfie Kohn, author of the book What does a well-trained person mean? raises the question of whether a well-trained term refers to a school education or something about you? Does he name what he taught? Or what do you remember?

I claim that the well-trained are all in the application; use and use of information. Using information in order to become knowledgeable and as we all have heard, knowledge is power.

Most people are aware of this level of education in this country. We tell our children that nothing is more important than obtaining "good" education and every year because of government deficits teachers are dismissed, classes shrink, schools are closed and many educational programs, , which help disadvantaged people – are slaughtered.

The reality is that we do not really appreciate the education. We value business, industrial, political ammunition and accepted forms of discrimination, but not our intention: the ability to enrich mankind and life through learning.

What we value as a society is athletes and their entertainment. The fact that a professional athlete collects more money in a season than most professors in their career in any region. You always have the money to build new sports grounds, but it is not enough to give teachers a fair (and well deserved) raise.

Ironically, the best teachers do not spend money on the profession. They teach because it's a call. Most of them were influenced by a very good teacher as a student. Because of the mass emigration of teachers, many students are not able to nurture mentoring relationships that they once knew, as many leave the profession – voluntarily and involuntarily – on average over three years

In high school where I start, the focus is not how should the students be prepared to prepare them for life or even college (should all primary schools be college preparatory schools?). standardized tests. Afterwards, the controversial "exit" examinations were carried out and literally many high schools were transformed into test centers. Learning becomes almost secondary.

This mentality passes to the university, of course there is a test that must be included in the enrollment (SAT or ACT). This explains why so many college students deal with the course rather than learning from it. They focus on "A" and degrees, rather than being redeemed thinkers. The latter require greater demand among employers and include most of the self-employed. The "get-the-good-grade" way of thinking is directly attributable to the relentless and often unnecessary testing that our students are doing in schools.

Alfie Kohn supports the "exhibition" of learning, in which students understand the tools of in-depth projects, assignment portfolios and other demonstrations.

Cites the groundbreaking model of Ted Sizer and Deborah Meier. Meier emphasized the importance of students who have five "theoretical habits" that are: the question of 19459004 evidence ("How do we know what we know?"), From Perspective ("Who is this perspective?") ("How do you relate to this?"), ("How can things be different?") And relevance ("Why is this important?") Kohn writes " the ability to bring up and answer the questions that matter but also the provision. However, any group of intellectual goals, a description of what it means to be deeply and critically thinking, should point to interest or internal motivation to do so the idea is to make it clear, the desire and the tools to make sure that learning never ends … … The IQ History and Purpose

We've always wanted to measure intelligence Ironically, when we look at the first methods that were evaluated in the 1800's, they were not and were very intelligent. It is a tactic to investigate people's various forms of torture to show what is the threshold of pain (the longer they can withstand the abuse, the more intelligent they are), or try to detect the high-sounding voices that others could not hear [19659002Thingshavechangedorarethey?

Intelligence or IQ can not be talked about without mentioning Alfred Binet, a French psychologist who in 1904 authorized the basics of IQ testing. the original intention was to develop a study that diagnosed students' learning difficulties in France. Test results were then used to make special programs to help students overcome their educational difficulties.

He never intended to use the intellectual abilities as the absolute standard of intellectual abilities .

According to Binet, intelligence can not be described as a single score. He said that using Intelligence (IQ) as a definite statement of the child's intellectual capacity would be a serious mistake. In addition, Binet feared that IQ measurement would be used to condemn the child to the "constant" state of stupidity, which negatively affects his education and livelihood.

The original interest is the "mental age" – the average level of personal intelligence of the given age. His creation, the Binet-Simon test (originally "scale"), was the archetype for future intelligence tests

. H. Goddard, Research Director at Vineland College, New Jersey, translated Binet's work into English and supported the more general use of the Simon-Binet test. Unlike Binet, Goddard considered intelligence to be a lonely, fixed and well-established unit that could be measured. The end product of Stanford University, Lewis Terman, became the standard intelligence test in the United States in 1916, Stanford-Binet-Simon Intelligent Scale (Stanford-Binet, Stanford Revision). [19659002] It's important to note that the IQ error is that is recorded and can not be changed. The fact that IQ scores know they are fluctuating – both during and during their lifetime. This does not mean that you are becoming more and less intelligent, but it means you have tested more days than others.

Another thing to know about IQ tests: Used for racist purposes, USA Many people who participated in importing and refining these tests thought the IQ was hereditary and responsible for nutrition was the mistake of being a "fix" feature.

Many immigrants have been tested in the 1920s and are not IQ tests miserable. As a result, many were refused entry to the United States or were forced to sterilize, fearing that America would be "dumb" and "inferior" infants. If you remember, tests were designed for white middle class Americans. Do you think it would be most difficult for them to pass on to them?

Lewis Terman developed the original concept of IQ and recommended this scale to classify IQ scores:

000 – 070: Strong Weakness

070 – 079: Boundary Line Failure

080 – 089: Dullness

090 – 109: Normal or average intelligence

110 – 119: Excellent intelligence

115 – 124: above average (eg university students)

125 – 134: Talented (for example postgraduate students)

135 – 144: Very talented (eg intellectuals)

145 – 154: Genius (for example, professors)

155 – 164: Genius (for example, Nobel laureate)

165 – 179: Great genius

180 – 200: The highest genius

200 – Higher ?: Unbeaten Genius

* Genius IQ generally ranges from 140 to 145, accounting for only 25% of the population (out of 400 out of 400).

* Einstein was "only" considered to be 160 IQs. Diane F. Halpern, the psychologist and past president of the American Psychological Association (APA), in his contribution to the Essay wrote that intelligent people are generally intelligent when these results have a good combination in school; (2) high level education; (3) responsible, complex task; (4) some other recognition that it is smart to win prestigious prizes or high pay; (5) ability to read the complex text with good understanding; (6) solves difficult and new problems.

During my research and in the early stages of this article, I have taken up the notion of intelligence in many ways. Some people were long, some were short. Some did not even understand. The most widespread definition is what APA creates: the ability to adapt to the given environment and learn from mistakes.

What is this? Again the word environment. It just seems we can not escape. This gives a deeper meaning to the saying, "When you do in Rome, as the Romans do." That means you have to know what's happening in your environment, and intelligence adjusts to it – and people who are busy – in order to survive and succeed in it.

There are many different forms of intelligence. Mostly, they are created by Dr. Howard Gardner, Professor at Harvard University

Dr. Gardner believes (and I agree) that our schools and culture focus most of the attention on linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence. We judge the very articulated or logical peoples of our culture. Dr. Gardner, however, says that we must pay equal attention to those individuals who present presents in other intelligences: artists, architects, musicians, scientists, designers, dancers, therapists, entrepreneurs and others who enrich the world we live in

He felt that the traditional understanding of intelligence beyond the IQ test was far too limited, and in 1983 he created [1983] multiple intelligence theory [1983] to allow a wider range of human potential for children and adults.

These intelligences are as follows:

Language Intelligence ("Intelligent Word")

Logical-mathematical intelligence ("number / reasoning smart")

Spatial Intelligence ("picture smart")

Test-Kinetic Intelligence ("Body Smart")

Music intelligence ("smart music")

Interpersonal Intelligence ("smart people")

Intrapersonal Intelligence ("self-smart")

Not related to Dr. Gardner, but they also respected the following: [FLOW & CRYSTALLIZED INTELLIGENCE] Cattell first proposed the concept of liquid and crystallized intelligence, and further developed the theory with John Horn. The theory of Fluid and crystallized intelligence, Cattell-Horn, suggests that intelligence consists of many different capabilities that work together and work together to produce individual intelligence.

Cattell defined fluid intelligence as "… the ability to perceive relationships from previous specific practices or instructions." Liquid intelligence is an abstract thinking and understanding and solving problems. This ability can be considered independently of learning, experience and education. Examples of using liquid intelligence: solving puzzles and developing problem-solving strategies.

Crystallized Intelligence Learning Past Experience and Learning . Situations requiring crystallized intelligence include reading comprehension and vocabulary exams. This kind of intelligence is based on facts and is rooted in the experience. This kind of intelligence becomes stronger as we grow older and accumulate new knowledge and understanding. Both types of intelligence grow in childhood and adolescence. Liquid intelligence occurs in adolescence and gradually decreases after the age of 30 or 40 years. Crystallized intelligence continues to grow in adulthood. Successful Intelligence Intelligence Psychologist and Professor Yale, Robert J. Sternberg, who believes that IQ's concept of life is misleading because he believes the IQ is a very pitiful prediction of the oeuvre.

The theory focuses on three types of intelligence that together contribute to overall success: Analytical Intelligence ; mental steps or components to solve problems; Creative Intelligence : Using experience in a way that promotes insight (creativity / divergent thinking); and Practical Intelligence : the ability to read and adapt to the contexts of everyday life.

Mr. Sternberg writes about his environment: Successful Intelligence : Successfully intelligent people recognize that their environment in which they find themselves are unable or unable to exploit their talents. They are actively looking for an environment where they can not only do a successful job, but also make a difference. They create a chance and do not let the opportunities limit the circumstances in which they find themselves.

As a tutor, I sign up for Mr. Sternberg's Successful Intelligence in Teaching. It was a very powerful tool and way of thinking for college students. Successful intelligence as a context-driven learning curriculum is really encouraged by students to see that education increases their inability to reach their goals and motivates them to develop their expertise. Mr Sternberg believes that the most important factor in acquiring expertise is deliberate commitment. Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman's most beloved book in 1995 in Emotional Intelligence has shown that research has shown that traditional intelligence – IQ – only accounts for 20% of the success of a person's life. Például az IQ és az oktatás kutatásai azt mutatják, hogy a magas IQ a kollégium évfolyamainak 10-25% -át teszi ki. A százalékarány a sikertől függően változik. Mindazonáltal, Goleman állítása felvetette a kérdést: Mit számít a másik 80% -nak?

Találtad … Emotikus Intelligencia. Pontosan mi az érzelmi intelligencia? Az érzelmi intelligencia (más néven EQ vagy EI) az érzelmek érzékelésére, ellenőrzésére és értékelésére utal. Számos vállalatnak jelenleg kötelező EQ-képzése van a vezetők számára, hogy javítsa az alkalmazottakat


Hallottad azt a kifejezést, hogy "A tapasztalat a legnagyobb tanító …"

A pszichológia körökben a mindennapi tapasztalatokból nyert ismereteket hallgatólagos tudásnak nevezik . A társalgás kifejezés "utcai intelligenciák", ami azt jelenti, hogy a formális, osztálytermi oktatás (aka "könyv intelligensek") semmi köze ehhez. Az egyént nem közvetlenül utasítják arra, hogy mit kell tanulnia, hanem inkább ki kell vonnia a tapasztalatot a tapasztalatból akkor is, ha a tanulás nem az elsődleges cél.

A hallgatólagos tudás szorosan kapcsolódik a közös értelemben, ami egy alapos és körültekintő ítélet, amely a helyzet vagy a tények egyszerű megítélésén alapszik . Mint tudják, a józan ész nem minden közös.

A hallgatólagos tudás, vagy az abból levont tanulságok úgy tűnik, "gyorsabban és jobban" tapadnak, amikor a tanulságok közvetlenül relevánsak az egyén céljaihoz képest. Knowledge that is based on one&#39;s own practical experience will likely be more instrumental to achieving one&#39;s goals than will be knowledge that is based on someone else&#39;s experience, or that is overly generic and abstract.


Yes, it&#39;s possible to be both smart and stupid. I&#39;m sure someone you know comes to mind at this precise moment. But the goal here is not to ridicule, but to understand how some seemingly highly intelligent, or highly educated individuals can be so smart in one way, and incredibly stupid in others.

The woman who is a respected, well paid, dynamic executive who consistently chooses men who don&#39;t appear to be worthy of her, or the man who appears to be a pillar of the community, with a loving wife and happy kids, ends up being arrested on rape charges.

It happens, but why? I found the answer in Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid. Essentially, intellect is domain specific. In other words, being smart (knowledgeable) in one area of your life, and stupid (ignorant) in another is natural. Turning off one&#39;s brain is quite common especially when it comes to what we desire. A shared characteristic among those who are smart and stupid, is the difficulty in delaying gratification.

Olem Ayduk & Walter Mischel who wrote the chapter summarized: Sometimes stupid behavior in smart people may arise from faulty expectations, erroneous beliefs, or merely a lack of motivation to enact control strategies even when one has them. But sometimes it is an inability to regulate one&#39;s affective states and the behavioral tendencies associated with them that leads to stupid and self-defeating behavior.

The central character in this book who many of these lessons regarding being smart and stupid revolve around is Bill Clinton and his affair with Monica Lewinksky.


My great grandmother, Leola Cecil, maybe had an 8th grade education at the most. By no stretch of the imagination was she highly educated, but she had what seemed like infinite wisdom. She was very observant and could "read" people with startling accuracy. Till the very end of her life she shared her "crystallized intelligence" with whomever was receptive to it.

She died at the age of 94. I often use many of her sayings as a public speaker, but most importantly, I use her philosophies to make sure that I&#39;m being guided spiritually and not just intellectually. Many of us who are lucky enough to have a great grandparent can testify that there is something special about their knowledge. They seem to have life figured out, and a knack for helping those of us who are smart, educated and intelligent see things more clearly when we are too busy thinking.

What they have is what we should all aspire to end up with if we are lucky: wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability to look through a person, when others can only look at them. Wisdom slows down the thinking process and makes it more organic; synchronizing it with intuition. Wisdom helps you make better judgments regarding decisions, and makes you less judgmental. Wisdom is understanding without knowing, and accepting without understanding. Wisdom is recognizing what&#39;s important to other people, and knowing that other people are of the utmost importance to you. Wisdom is both a starting point, and a final conclusion.

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