Many people are very aggressive with me because they can not believe they will be able to cure severe mental illnesses as if I were a psychiatrist. No Ph.D. My knowledge is due to the unconscious guidance of dream messages.

I'm a perfect translator and I'm a very obedient doctor. The real doctor is the unconscious who knows everything. I'm just a dream translator and an assistant who introduces the guidance of subconscious wisdom.

I was very ignorant when I started my research when I was 24 years old. I would never be able to discover anything or cure anyone if I were not blessed with a real gift. The knowledge I can access is really valuable. However, he spent a lot of money to get it. Then, thanks to my knowledge, I transformed my personality. I also had to follow the unconscious guidance that I had cured various cases for 19 years before I told you how I can cure all mental illnesses.

I learned how to implement the knowledge acquired in dream messages to cure any psychological illness. The real doctor is the unconscious mind, but I'm a doctor. I need to know how to heal someone in order to do what my unconscious mind points to in a sick sleep or in my own dreams.

I do not follow the psychiatrist's erroneous conclusions because I did not learn their methods. I follow the unconscious method that is capable of illness of all diseases.

Human beings are ignorant. The energy of anti-conscience easily destroys our small human conscience. Only the wisdom of the unconscious mind can help us win the fight against insanity against conscience. There is no human physician capable of fighting his powerful attacks. Anti-conscientiousness generates mental illness in all our human consciences, causing dizziness, hallucinations, intolerable feelings and more horror as long as we succeed in destroying our human conscience. Therefore, our absurd world is characterized by terrorism, immorality, violence, hypocrisy and greed. Psychiatrists can not eliminate the absurdity of mankind.

I needed 19 years to become a perfect doctor after I became a perfect translator. I'm a very serious doctor and I'm always very sad when I'm dealing with mental illness. I'm not outrageous for my patients.

The psychotherapy of the unconscious mind is based on compassion and goodness. So let's eliminate the toxic effect of conscience, the wild side of our conscience. Anti-conscience is violent, immoral and cruel as an animal. This will lead us to fear and despair if we allow ourselves to direct our behavior. We must be very careful and fight against the toxic effects before we can destroy our human conscience.

He once followed Carl Jung's steps, discovered the sacredness of the unconscious mind, thanks to the perfect translation of dreams. Jung could not understand the attitude he had to do before unconscious wisdom and spiritual perfection. He did not see that anti-conscientiousness was responsible for human conscience for mental illness. I continued your research and discovered the whole truth in order to protect you and your children. Thanks to my discoveries, you can completely eliminate wild consciences with dream therapy and become smarter at the same time.

Dreams are like psychotherapy and are like bridges that unite God with God. The anti-conscience portrayal is Satan, our demonic primitive nature.

Satanic anti-conscientious occupations are the major part of our brain. Our human consciousness is concentrated only in the whole brain where we are.

We, human beings, must obey God's guidance and combat Satan. In other words, our human conscience must obey the unconscious minds that result in our dreams and act as doctors. So we will break our conscience, find peace and happiness.

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