I want to take you "behind the scenes" to the rat. You could say that this is Rat / People dictionary about rat behavior.

If you carefully follow the things I figure out, you will certainly have more success in your pet rat. … what is Rat Stare?

What is Rat Stare, what do you hear?

Is rats having a disordered habit? Are they staring at them for a long time?

Surprisingly, if they see it open for hours, staring at their eyes, motionless. Is this a sixth sensuous thing?

Do not be discouraged, if not the only one. This Rat Pattern Behavior

The Explanation of Rat Stare and Other Rat Behavior and Body Language in this Release

Pets are often referred to as "babies" but as any animal (as smart as they are!), Probably it is better to understand the behavior of rats in body language. Especially in rats there are signs that will prove and interpret successfully.

Below are some of the typical things that pet owners have from time to time seen. Some are strange, some may be somewhat scary … but you can be sure that most are just the behavior of your normal rattie.

Note: These rat behaviors are generally normal for healthy and well-socialized rats. current, apparent medical problems (they are active, diet and stools are normal). If the rat does not eat properly, shows inappropriate intestinal movement or shows other unusual or destructive behavior – contact a veterinarian or rats breeder.

Body Language –

(while the other rat is not)

Possible causes:

The rat is simply balanced. The rat's tail for the balance – even if a rat uses more than the tail. Look, and both rats will keep their tail from the ground, especially when it is balanced on its shoulders or climbs to a larger place

Body Language –

The rat stands up and "swells" the nose in the air The rat's head

Possible causes:

Your rat has caught the smell. The rats have incredible senses and only find something in the air that's interesting. Rats have no better eyesight, never be afraid rats can see – but vision is not the strongest, and this normal behavior is part of the rat's vision process.

Body Language –

] The rat licking it all the time.

The rat eats your teeth in your ear.

The rat's eyeball wanders out of their heads.

Possible Causes:

is a big rat for them!

It's actually a great compliment to you and all of these behaviors (teeth are "bruxing" and your rat loves you and tries to take care of it as a real companion (probably like the taste of a skin's salt!) [19659002] Some common rat behavior and rat bodybuilding questions are asked and experienced with your favorite pets. Using these explanations, you can guarantee that you understand your little buddy and make sure you are a successful rat owner

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