This article is for those planning to visit Russia. Let's talk about today's interpreters.

If the future bride is from the Foreign Language Institute and speaks fluent 2-3 languages, then obviously you do not need an interpreter. In all other cases you will have to turn to the mediator's help sooner or later. For example, during the first day when your daughter is so confused that all the English words that he taught you so hard during your visits, he thought. Or during important discussions while forming official documents when mistakes are not allowed due to misunderstandings. So in a word, some couples always need interpreters, others – from time to time. Here's a sad story, good end, and some conclusions.

They met William and Lena in Kazan. Lena spoke English, but only if she still called an interpreter she found in her knowledge. (This was the first mistake, but so far they did not know it).

However, let me tell you this story in the end! When it was time for William to come back, this couple came to us. They told us their adventures competing with each other. The fact is that they offered a longtime lady who interpreted them with a bad character.

William: "She touched me again, tied my arms around my arm, caressed me." Lena: "I was very upset that the interpreter did not look at my bride. For example, when we visited her, I always found some excuse to go to another room while showing William's photo of her sisters offering brides!" William : "He was always talking!" However, we accepted that we pay per hour.

Lena: "All in all, he offered us the mail service, although he knew we were using this agency." We write each other's daily letters! "" Please do not give it to William. "William:" This is no question! I do not want to do anything with this terrible woman.

Lena then relieved with relief, and asked: why are people looking hard and complicated? πŸ™‚ Anyway, as I said, this story is a happy ending. William and Lena bring them closer with good sense of humor and hardship. They have now captured the bridal visa.

Well, let's analyze this situation so that we do not repeat the mistakes.

You remember my first mistake when they got to know you as an interpreter. Here is the number one rule: the "knowledge" and the specialists ALWAYS CHOOSE STAFF. And here's the reason:

Even if you speak good English, you do not have work experience, especially with a pair. And that is very important! Translators who have the day must have special abilities:

– must be very tactful;

– not to be noticed: the most important is he and he;

– be able to relieve unpleasant situations and experience experience;

– as he often communicates with foreigners who are looking for brides, he can correctly interpret things related to mentality, the characteristics of traditions. If your acquaintance is taught in English throughout your life and never or rarely communicates with "real" aliens, how will you get it?

– If you and your lady are embarrassed and you do not know what to ask, such an interpreter can always have a good idea. He has helped so many parties and he knows what a man and a woman are.

In addition, it is difficult for a "familiar woman" to feel "working". While you are just talking to friends! That's why this absurd situation is when an interpreter has been snapping constantly and getting more money for this!

Well, here's a counseling in an emergency, but it's useful to everyone. You have to choose a person who not only knows the language well, but who did well. Ask those who are already using this man. Collect more information about it. Because it's sad, but a bad job by an interpreter can cross your relationship. Especially in the first stages.

I know it sounds like an advertisement, but for the sake of objectivity, I have to say that a story with William and Lena is simply impossible with our agency. Because there are professionals who have experience in translating couples. This is the end of the ad! This was the information for those looking for the simplest and easiest solution. πŸ™‚ If for some reason you can not hire an interpreter at the agency, here are some things you need to be aware of:

1. Sex.

No other answer: Better if your interpreter is growing up:

– It will be difficult for the lady to open up to two men. You do not just have to think about how to get in touch with the bride, but how to make yourself an interpreter!

– Normally, the interpreter's work is very close to "prizes". Will it be right if the bride is near a male interpreter?

– Woman is hard to open a guy before an unknown person, but it's a lot easier to do before a woman!

2nd Disease.

Age does not matter. A very young interpreter, unfortunately, does not have the necessary life experience. Old interpreters have too much experience and therefore "speak constantly" as teaching, instructing, and explicating their own views. In addition, it will be physically difficult for an old interpreter to end endless sightseeing, restaurants and nightclubs. And then, imagine, you have a dating partner in your mother's presence. Will you be easy?

3rd Marital status.

When I created this article, one of our clients told the next story. His girlfriend – a German interpreter – offered the work of an agency. Their client – a German man – chose five of the most beautiful girls and decided to meet with them in Moscow. And because their staff does not speak German, they have taken an interpreter outside. In this way, an interpreter with girls found himself in Moscow. You would have seen this company! Five smart women who visited beauty salons, made their hair, and a short, simple girl interpreter. I guess you figured he'd finally gone to Germany! These five handsome women paid her money, but they had a rival that took the potential bride away. No wonder it happened. The interpreter spent a lot of time with it. Women have changed, but they were always beside her! He understood that he knew his country, it was interesting to him.

So everyone will be better off if the interpreter's marital status is "married" πŸ™‚

4. Easy character.

It is very important that the interpreter is social and flexible. If you're home at home, no one can see it. Because this is not a couple of mistakes. They need to get a high level of service.

5th Psychology.

The interpreter is by nature a psychologist. Do you agree? Sabina often tells me stories when only her sincere private conversation helped solve the problems. Sometimes they are absurd, but they are able to break relationships. For example, when one of our customers came to tears and asked us to "keep entertaining" the man who came to him because he did not want to know him. The reason was that she was constantly shouting. Sabina calmed her as far as she could and then talked to a private person. He seemed a little deaf, so he spoke aloud. πŸ™‚ And he did not want to yell at all. Their relationships are not true. It always happens when men are discovering such important things as correspondence, such as illnesses, invalidity, big differences between the years and so on.

6th Mental Prospects

The interpreter needs to be wide-ranging to work professionally. If you do not know anything about the country, an alien comes from, it will probably be difficult to understand him correctly, taking into account mentality and traditions.

7th Education

We have observed in our agency that girls learn English, tend to attach too much importance to their knowledge, while professional interpreters are never the highest score. The more you get the language, the longer the horizon will move. Nevertheless, ensure the education of interpreters while answering an interpreter. It is desirable that the Foreign Language Institute has done it.

8th Nice appearance

The purely psychological aspect of communication. If the interpreter is inappropriate, neither you nor your girlfriend can open in his presence.

And yet, agency interpreters have extra benefits.

– The correspondent knew that from the beginning did not have to explain everything to her.

– Not just a woman but a male representative. You have the opportunity to contact him before you travel, consult and ask questions.

– It's always easier to work with a little familiar person.

And last advice. Do not take an interpreter all day! If a woman speaks at least English, it will be useful for her to practice. An interpreter relaxes and does not try to speak English! They tried.

Do not be afraid you will not understand each other. Of course, unless important things like documents, visas, registrations and so on. We've often seen how couples communicate when a girl is poor in English. Patience, love, and dictionaries help them! As William told Lena when he introduced her to a digital translator: "When you translate a word to this translator, your mechanical, visual and intellectual memories work the way you can order this translator on our site, as a Christmas gift! πŸ™‚ You will become a husband, to speak, to understand and to communicate with you.

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