This is about saving money today. "Let local distributors make translations." – "Someone who talks a lot of languages." – "We've translated the translation completely." These are the things that the sales engineer sells daily during the economic downturn.

Of course, professional interpretation services are not necessarily cheap and should be carefully considered if this money is well invested. Here are a few things – from the perspective of language service providers – that help you decide if professional translation is needed.

The rule of thumb always has to "make the same amount of money and effort to translate a text as it did in your original text". Obviously, the internal reminder of overseas branches can be translated without any problems with proper software or native English, well-known foreign language. After all, the most important thing in this situation is irrespective of content, style and minor mistakes.

However, with regard to materials or product information, things change a bit differently: they are usually created with a lot of effort and diligence, translating the expertise and expertise of a translator to bring the report and careful phrasing to another language. In technical documentation, it also deals with professional translation services for security reasons: You need an expert who knows the legal requirements of the destination country; otherwise you may be liable if the user violates the product.

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