The Punjab language is spoken in Punjab, Pakistan, in the northwest Indian state of Punjab. Over 100 million native speakers of the Punjabi language are nearly solidified, making it the 12th most common language worldwide.

Many different dialects in the Punjab language differ from each region of Punjab, namely Majha, Malwaa and Doaba. With a large number of Punjabi speaking people, you will find that great demand for Punjabi translation services.

The Punjabi language is primarily used in the Sikh rituals, since in-depth insight and practical knowledge and the fluent use of languages ​​significantly contribute to the provision of translation services. The Sikh scriptures, however, use the intact, yet beautiful Punjabi / Gurmukhi language through the teachings / writings they formulate, which can only be understood by a well-trained professional.

Punjabi is also well-known for a number of successful global businessmen and industry leaders, so companies need to use the Punjab tradition and have to know the basics of language for prospective business partners. taught by the Punjabi translator / linguist. The same applies to translating English-Punjabi or Punjabi-English translation.

Despite the great demands of the Pandjab translation, there is actually a significant shortage of services offered. This may have the effect of not teaching the Punjabi language in developed countries, which prevents experts from having the skills required to perform translation tasks, and that the Pandžija language is Hindi in Indian schools, much to the Pandžabian people's astonishment.

However, some companies associate highly trained and skilled workgroups who provide this service.

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