Maybe the words are the most powerful weapons in society. Swearing statement about an individual can ruin his life and the meaning of words can be twisted to accommodate any situation. One of the main reasons why racism existed in this society is because language conveys and reflects reality. If a society is inherently racist, it is natural that the language that is reflected in racism. Moore and Churchill's articles discussed how words are used to dehumanize ethnic groups in such a way that these groups appear to be inhumane. By using the language to make "others" less visible, society is justified in believing that these groups do not deserve the rights and privileges of dominant culture. These articles and the rest of the previous articles that I read suggest that racism is a socially-conceived concept that is aimed at the development of whites and the exclusion of other nationalities.

Moore "English-language racism" influences Western thinking from the very first moment of learning the language. English is coupled with race stereotypes and betrayal, even in words and phrases that seem completely harmless. He shows that these words are not harmless but are used to suppress oppression and lower level feelings as "other" for "American" culture. The words "nigger", "kike" and "chink" are used to designate African Americans, Jews and Asian Americans, and it is politically incorrect to use these words in the minds of White America who do not see nothing bad to say these words. Even the names of "Black" and "White" have been used to promote racism. The color "black" means "dirty, dirty" and redemption "while the white" pure, pure, innocent is full. "These words and their meanings have resulted in people who internalize these beliefs and suffer the Lord or the feeling of hatred and the author of this article feel that recognition of the existence of racism in the language is still the first step in admiration of racism in this society and that people deliberately strive to use a language that,

Similarly, Churchill's "Crime against Humanity" expresses a powerful thesis and states that due to disrespectful respect for names, images and symbols by team mascots, the situation of society has become marginalized and deteriorated, with great sarcasm that if the native American pictures and symbols as team teams, then the Galveston "Greasers" and the San Diego "Spics" can be called. "Because the use of native symbols for sport does not respect the dominant culture, the same culture should use other ethnicities as a symbol, as it is all fun. Furthermore, it states that the Indians are genocidal and degraded to the Jewish Holocaust and the United States is humanity The White Society has succeeded in making the Indians' "unrealistic" to other groups who passively accept the fanatical views of the Indians. In both articles, the message means that words are dominated and suppressed by those who they are not born white in this country and maintain a responsible status quo American society likes to label people

Everyone has to label something: whores, huts, and niggers I'm a criminal black teenage mother, a welfare recipient and the team of society. For many years, I believed these labels, and dropped deeper and deeper into hell, which was called low self-esteem until I went to the dormitory and turned out to be intelligent and worthy of respect. Some are not as lucky as I do and still believe in the labels that society has placed on them. Sometimes I wonder what American society would do if there was no label. Remove the prerequisites, the feeling of superiority, which is associated with the "right" skin colors, and some people in this society would be a loss. Individuals of this type should feel better about other people to feel better. I hope that the day when tags are not needed will be faster than later.

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