Body language can be everything. You see him out of the room. She decides with her head and smiles. This is one of the classical female body language. The head tilt offers humility (like a wolf that slams the throat to the Alpha) and the smile is a seductive and reassuring invitation. He wants to take an approach and is willing to accept lead. To learn more about female flirting, read it.

The way to read the female body language: the hair

The most obvious method is female hair. Women's hair often determines women; this is a fairly common cultural thing. Many women will flirt their hair and use it unconsciously in their body language to alert the attention and flirting desire. The first way is the head of the head that adjusts your hair. Since hair length and beauty often appear as the primary feature of women and beauty, she says, "Look at me, I'm not beautiful." Another idea is playing with her hair. If he puts his ear behind, he strokes his throat (again, humbly). If you twist her hair, it's a sign of nervousness, and it may mean that she is afraid of saying something bad and losing her interest.

Traces of Bodyguards for Girls

Another great thing is what you do with your hand. Women often make things external what they want from the inside that they play with when they are nervous. If you rub your fingers or object (pen or pen) with your lips, it shows that you want to kiss. If your hands or fingers are slowly tipped up and down (like a glass), this indicates that you want to rub or caress.

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