Art is like a language. This is simultaneously a conscious and intentional intellectual activity and an irrational, unconscious expression. Art can include the sensation of sudden flushing and liberation and the mass of intellectual and emotional reactions. Art has the power to create emotions, power, confusion, repulsion, and enlightenment. The language has very similar properties. Language is a tool we communicate with each other and express our emotions and thoughts. We can also communicate and respond within the audience through the language of art.

Does artistic expression go beyond word and can not be occupied in the language or is the determining factor in the function of art if its expressive or emotional content goes beyond the language?

They examine the nature and identity of the work of art. When an object is created in the imagination; is it based on the theory of linguistic expression? When language is used, communication of emotional meaning is communicated through cognitive intellect and artistic functions

For deaf visual artists, is their art as a language? Language can be not only verbal but also sign language and symbols. For deaf, symbols and sign language mean meaning and mental form from which they base their art.

Ideas may be works of art alone; they are in a mental chain that finds some form. Ideas are based on language, so language and symbols can be used to create art. Conceptual art is based on ideas; it is necessary to take the viewer's mind instead of his eyes or emotions.

The more you study this subject, the more you know art can not be chosen from the language. Art is the language and the language of art.

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