The scientific method of dream interpretation is a real revelation for the scientific world, as we have a picture of the inner world of the dreamer, able to understand the past and the future of the past.

The information contained in our dreams is sent by the wise unconscious mind, the divine body created by the most advanced existential human conscience that God can call.

We can observe that the information contained in our dreams spells out exactly the dreaming psychic state of ours by offering answers and solutions to us.

Many times dreamers deny that they reveal the truth about their past experiences when I ask questions about them after watching their dreams. The dream translator in this case is helped by his own dreams, as the unconscious mind informs him about his patients. diseases.

They also contribute to the facts of reality that happen with the dreamer, as they have a symbolic meaning that gives information about the dreamer and his life.

The symbolic meaning given in dreams and external reality is the result of the existence of a law that predates the functionalism of our planet and all living organisms, prepares reality before it unfolds.

Therefore, each organization follows behavioral programs that will prepare them to survive in an enemy environment such as the Earth, where there are many natural enemies, including those who are in difficult and dangerous circumstances.

Since reality is ready for what is happening, it is possible to predict its evolution and to correct possible negative results.

The dreamers' dream information gives the dream translator the knowledge of the inner world and the external reality, including its control over the future development of dreamers. life and psychic state.

Neurosis is the absurd behavior of a person who is dominated by the wild side of their conscience. As this dominance grows, nervous and bipolar disorder changes to psychosis or schizophrenia. Hysteria may also lead to schizophrenia or other mental illnesses.

However, if you have the inner picture of what is happening to a patient, we are able to correct our behavior and eliminate their wild side effects.

So a professional dream translator spares dreamers, no matter what their mental illness.

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