You are your first date with dream information. Sexual body language indicates that you are hot. Tips for flirting for a successful dating game.

1: He looks praying. When attracting someone, we all have problems changing our eyesight. Even when the subject of our desire has ceased, the lustful stare is still taking place. You feel a little provocative, use this to your advantage and keep your eye on the five silent songs during a break during a conversation. Conversely, the more often your date is blinking, the more nervous.

2: Hands. With clenched fists, tight knit hands or with hands pressed against the mouth, it is indicated by nervousness and tension. Even worse, if their hands raise their head, it is completely drowsy, or tired or alcohol is crushed. The nervous people are prone to it

shakes their own hands or objects on the table. Hands opening up to the table with a palm of the hand point to a more relaxed open person. If you are terribly upset, try to loosely close your hand on the desk because it gives you a better feel than folding your fingers or collapsing your arms. Taking your hands on your chest while you're talking, it looks lively and fair.

3: Speech Volume. If they think they are equivalent, their voice is not too high or too low. Very loud sounds tend to belong to dominant personalities and are very soft to gentle. [4]: The subconscious is autoerotic touching. Sexual thinking means touching ourselves under consciousness for several reasons. First of all, pay attention to the different parts of the body. The guys and the girls both get a boost on their lips and the girls will rub their upper arms, thighs, hips and waist. Second, we touch ourselves to deceive the other. Third, if you are having sex, the blood rushes around the whimsical limbs, making everything too sensuous. By touching ourselves, you feel good. The very strong gesture of sexual body language is when the date begins to eat, drink and smoke faster. Thinking about sex, she tapping her mouth. If you put things in your mouth, you mean sexually interested. The girls lolly with ice-cream, play with spoon and suck their fingers.

6: His hair. The interested girls start playing with their hair. Her hair is haircut, her hair is caressed, and the strongest is all hair, body language, or flirting. But if you begin to hide behind your hair, you're interested.

7: Fiddling Guys. As soon as the guys are sexually excited, they start giving their own flirting marks. These include rubbing the nose, playing with the tie, fingers sliding rings, loose coins in pockets. Setting your hair suggests you want to look good to you.

8: Check. If you get your date off when you leave the table to go to the bar or the bathroom, you are lazy to think.

9: Symbolically stripped down. Undoing the buttons, loosening, removing the jackets, and pulling the fingers are strong sexual body gestures. Obviously pressed, without being noticed, the way in which mother-of-pearl sex is shared with someone we share sexual chemistry with. [10] Touch. Not sure where the date is? Try the touch test. Tap your hand, arm, or shoulder. Unless you're shy, you have to give up the touch in 10 minutes if you like it.

One good first day should be touched three times for three seconds.

11: The wine glass. The date is victorious if you rub your glass with your fingers. Likewise, if you put your glass up and down. If you're doing direct eye contact and playing with straw, you're definitely flirting. However, at the height of the bra or higher glasses of glasses indicate that there will be no second time. Likewise, if your date is surrounded by both hands on the glass.

The wine glass test. This is a great subconscious testicle that measures this first date. Start playing an object on the side of the table, such as wine glass, spoon, etc. Moves forward lightly and gently moves to the table date page. Remove your hands, come back and talk. If you push your date remotely, you do not care. If they leave the place where they are, or they hold it, then there is luck. To take it further, push another object and leave your arm on the table. The stunning date is still leaning forward and pushing something from their table to the table.

12: Kiss, kiss. All these are strong signs that your date accepts the kiss: tapping your mouth, licking your lips, heading close to you, eating and drinking temptingly, and tilting your head while watching you.

Let's start kissing with a soft light brush to their lips. If they retreat, confuse their lips or kiss your face, stop it! If they get slimmer, they tighten their lips or touch their neck, they are happy to continue.

The art of flirting in nonverbal communication has never been easier! Use this dating counsel to interpret body language and send your own sexual signs. Flutter your first date for a second time!

Happy flirting! Coco Swan

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