In many cases, misunderstandings between men and women can be avoided if you know each other's body language. You now have the opportunity to become acquainted with the specificities of women's and men's sexual behavior. This information helps you in any situation where you need to contact the opposite sex – at work or in romantic terms.

By the way, body language is the same for all people, even if most people are unconscious. The words can be translated, the speech juggling, it is not at all difficult. But body language is everything else. Some scientists believe that it is not lying at all. Others say no, you can lie, but it's much harder to do than lie with words. Studies have shown that women better understand the body language of other people than men, but men find women more and more quickly.

Do not be surprised if you recognize this yourself in this article. You may see that he has misunderstood the opposite sex, forced himself to suffer or shake others. It is no secret that the misunderstanding of male and female behavior results in emotional conflicts and emotional destruction. After reading this article, I will be able to do something to avoid such misunderstandings.

There are certain features in the sexual gestures of women and men. If a man generally only wants to impress a particular woman, a woman often wants to impress everyone but of course depends on each person and personality. [1959:004] There are many sexual gestures. For a woman, it is characterized by the following sexual gestures: • the appearance of a man will feel his hand in attaching clothes, hair (smooth or touching);

is a sharp head movement that removers the hair from the lips or shoulders. Even short-haired women instinctively use this gesture;

• Temporarily bend the head and then tilt it slightly;

• Walking in the back straight, the breast is predefined, hip moves rhythmically;

• in sitting position – slow crossing and straightening legs;

• the knees or thighs;

• crossed ankles;

a woman bent down. This pose means "I feel good"; • Shoes on the finger tips also mean that a woman is comfortable and free to feel comfortable. With these movements, the shoe or knee toe is directed to the person he or she is interested in; • Wrist Presentation – a woman who is interested in a potential sexual partner regularly shows her the smooth, fine wrist of her wrist;

• a good, flat posture; • an intimate look of a smiley combination; he smiles a little, then falls down on his eyelids and turns away (his look on the duck); [19659002] • slightly open mouth and damp lips;

• smoothing of cylindrical objects (such as cigarettes or glass);

• silent low tone;

• If a woman really likes people, try to sit closer to her than the others; • if you talk to her, a woman moves more than one person;

• If a woman likes a man, she creates the best possible thing to create eye contact with her;

• looks at the mirror in the presence of a man;

• the use of a lipstick demonstration a man's presence (so a woman tries to turn on) Men are characterized by their own sexual activity: the legs are widely distant, as a man stands or sits. It is clearly visible in the subway, where men, especially young people, often face mutually opposed, widely placed legs, appear to show "their equipment" (the presentation of female genital organs is the biological instinct of many primates); • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

• when she sees a woman she likes, she is playing straight with her shoulders, muscles or projections. Common Sexual Movements of Men and Women: one or both hands on the hips;

• legs are wider than usual;

• long, intimate look, "spark"; if someone looks at you and your students begin to expand then it means they love you but if you do not see this reaction you probably will not have the chance to go with this person. They do not say anything that eyes are mirror images of the soul, and sometimes they show much more than any word or act; • the first face-to-face appearance lasts for up to 4-5 seconds;

• Women mostly look on shoulders and hands, and if possible, on the legs and on the bottom. Men first appreciate the whole figure, the style of clothing and finally their eyes on the chest, then on the waist and hip;

• If an interesting subject enters the intimate zone, the body is not removed, verse – a person tries to find contact in all the senses of the world;

• When lovers of the future feel comfortable, they turn to each other in such a way that their shoulder lines are parallel

• Copy is a gesture of interesting subject. However, they move in a common pace and look into each other's eyes

We hope these tips will help you understand your partner's true intentions and feelings. Please share your comments and life experiences with us.

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