When someone feels jealous, they can sell gestures and body language under consciousness, as we call it the signs of jealousy. These signs, if we know how to perceive them, can help a lot in making a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with the one we dreamed of.

He showed love or love, especially what we are very attracted to, not what everyone is easy to do.

There are some who feel for a certain person and dream almost every night. They know they need to know about this deep feeling that they know if they feel their feelings or not.

But they do not know how to get started. It causes suffering. Indeed, in love, without knowing that our love interest has the same feeling, it is very tormenting.

Especially for shy boys and guys, they say it's often too hard to do. The fear of rejection always comes to the abominable people. And to beat easier to say than done.

However, we can not afford to live in such a torment because it is the fear. Sooner or later we need to talk about it, or it would be the greatest regret in our lives.

On the other hand, you did not show or tell whether you have the same feeling for us or not is often too scary. Is there a way to find out whether love interest is the same to us? Thank God, yes. How? By the jealousy signs that they unconsciously show us that they are breaking the same thing.

So what are the signs of jealousy we can use? Let's see some now.

first Closure or look at you when you talk to the opposite sex. Sometimes a jealous man can behave as if he does not care to talk to friends of the opposite sex, but the intestine says that he only claims to behave in such a manner

. She finds herself always "always" rocks in places she usually goes and seems too interested in knowing her activities and friends

. He finds that he is usually traitorous about your (close) friends, especially the opposite sex

. It looks like you're annoyed or "panicked" when – when you talk to her – she notes that your other friend is so attractive.

5th You seem to feel very uncomfortable when you notice someone else is attractive and / or trying to flirt with you

These are just a handful of jealousy that can be overcome if your love interest interests you or not. Of course, you can use this knowledge for many other purposes. To learn more about the signs, read the article in the source below.

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