Many are recognized by Sir Richard France Burton only for F.F.Arbuthnot's collaborative work in the first English translation of Kama Sutra. What they do not recognize is the life that led to this result and how he prepared to invade contemporaries in England during the Victorian era to become a book publisher and publisher who could lead the prison to the laws of time

Richard Frances Burton was born on March 19, 1821 in Torquay, Devon, to the captain of the British Army and a rich Hertfordshire mansion. He had two elder brothers, his brother and brother

Due to his father's military career, Richard Burton and his family moved many early lives in England, France and Italy, so the child was rather French-speaking and Latin-speaking, outside his mother tongue very early. He was not only well-versed in the basic language but also learned a number of special dialects. In the later years of life, the remarkable ability in learning languages ​​would allow me to speak a total of twenty-nine different languages.

Young Richard was very independent and has developed a kind of strong-willed dependence on his own during family travel. It is a feature that would later help the young man to have many adventures and eventually become the partner and translator of Kama Sutra. Richard Burton quoted him as saying, "Do what your manhood offers you, knowing that he is capable of thinking anything, and he did not need to encourage or approve of his companions to be able to satisfy them."

Mint every child, the young man grew up, and finally a romantic interest for a young Roma girl. He taught himself the language to communicate better and later he was given the fast learning skills of Hindi in Hindi because the Hindi and Romanian language were similar

Burton Goes to College

In 1840, the invading young Burton entered Trinity College in Oxford, and was quick to enthusiasm and attacked the student who burbed Burton's mustache into a duel during his first term. studying the Arabic language at Trinity College, as well as the skirmish and the fence, but the official contempt still remains In 1842, he decided to break the rules of the college and to take part in a script. Unfortunately, Burton was too overwhelmed at this moment and was constantly expelled from school. You should not leave your mark, Burton allegedly hit the school flower beds with a horse and a car before leaving the campus.

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