Do you think you can not learn a new language? Think again! Our brains maintain the capacity to cultivate all kinds of new knowledge in our daylight. No matter what background or past learning experience you can learn to speak another language with the six fast techniques.

There are several reasons why they want to speak the language frank of another people; travel, business, education, personal enjoyment, whether family or friends. In fact, this is not a small influence on habla español, parlez francaise or sprechenze deutcsh, but the most elegant is the prestige, financial gain, personal satisfaction and envy that can accompany this easy-care skill.

But: "Can I really develop good communication skills in a new language?" You can ask. Yes, you can use these 10 quick tricks to increase your language learning experience and incorporate the new language into everyday life.

first Take part in a short course: In most colleges or universities in the local community there are several language courses available in most areas. The Continuing Education course is usually more consumer-oriented, less academically, and focuses more on the future needs of students like you. The internet is equally abundant with foreign language courses. Learn Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or Finnish through multimedia . The final worldwide guide to learning Thai and learning Thai culture is available online at .

2nd Mimicking: "Mom, she mocks me!" Have you ever heard this complaint when a brother repeats what the other man has said? One of the imitation words-so is the voice of speech and the other actions? It's called to imitate and so effective that you use this technique to record yourself in record time. The procedure is simple, we repeat exactly, literally, everything that the model says. This model can be an intelligence, character is a soap opera, document narrator, or the voice of a tape player or radio. Do not worry if it's not perfect. Just try the language around the words. Get speed and ease in practice. First, you can be silly, but you will endure. It's coming sooner than you think.

3rd Read Aloud: One of the most effective language learning tricks is to use the counsel found in Joshua 1: 8, "… and read it a day and night …" and again in Psalm 1: 2 stated: "… and he reads in his law in a day and night." Read the target language paths to yourself aloud. This powerful technique not only develops speech and pronunciation skills but also contributes to listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar.
Almost all reading materials will be in the target language until it is interesting and rather short. Do not you start an English student reading the "War and Peace" now?

4th Watching TV: If there is a cable, do you have a station broadcast in the language you are interested in? Many subway areas can be programmed in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. In some regions even Chinese and Hindi are available. Check the cable supplier or the programming guides to see what's included. Watchers are news, soap operas and documentaries. Is there a VCR? Spare some programs and play over and over again to get used to the flow of language. Many VCR models have a slow and stop function that allows you to slow down the program to help understanding.

5th Listen to music: In Japan, English students are the Beatles karaoke. In Latin America students are Bruce Springsteen imitating. In Africa, Backstreet Boys control the waves. Syncing popular songs is all anger for English speakers, so why not turn the tables around and use your advantage? Check music and bookstores for music and tapes. Ask about recommendations on where the target language register may be. Ethnic restaurants and shops are also a good source for music or references. The lyrics literally have thousands of songs available online. Songs are often available in many great online languages. Check the local directory. The Internet will be in the thousands of languages ​​for song titles and stations. A good online source for beginners that has live global news feeds 24 hours a day in multiple languages.

6th Read: In the library, stop a grammatical book and some reading material. The grammar school book is a rare guide through rough spots where target language grammar is significantly different from English. But do not overwhelm the grammar and rules. In most great languages ​​there are many entertaining magazines, and without learning Cochimi or Kukapa to learn, you need to find something. The newspaper, the magazine of general interest, the bible, the brochures, and even the comic book can help. Short articles are first of all the best. Even though you can run into one or more people in one minute, your personal satisfaction will be infinite. Try for hard-to-find titles.

You can not marry your family; but you can choose your friends and take conversations with native speakers of the target language. In a supermarket, a mall, a park, a restaurant or a convenience store – almost anywhere where a native speaker of a new language franchise meets or runs, do not just stay there – says something. People are generally flattered by trying to meet their own or in their own language and generally chatting with them. You must say that "Buenos Tardes" is someone who passes through the corridor in the supermarket. It is also a great practice to break ice when it finally lights up on foreign soil.

Combining these quick tricks with a short language course will make it less painful, more interesting, enjoyable, and much easier for our language learning efforts. Try to do something every day. Just think that with envy you will be green your friends – and start packing the bags.

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