Will you take over the SMS language in the English language world?

Does it take over the non-English language as well? Well, this article provides a brief insight into the SMS language and includes some examples of text messages, some of the popular text message abbreviations (also known as SMS vocabulary). And as you read it, I hope this article in SMS is lit up, it does not irritate.

Please note that not only mobile phones will display such SMS language:

* Facebook and Twitter updates are likely to contain short texts that may seem to many people meaningless.

* Instant messaging software, such as Skype, often sees people as "txt-talk" writers

* and online forum messages where everyone in this hurry (or people just do not know better) are often glued to them with abbreviations of so-called text messages

So while you can catch your teeth (while reading this SMS article), remember * useful * know a little about this txt lingo …


Okay, here are some examples of text messages, including some of the classic cell phone abbreviations:

1) My smmr hols wr CWOT

2) go hm ASAP, 2C again my M8

Believe me or not, these SMSs were taken from an English-language study submitted by a 13-year-old British teenager. School. Seriously! Of course, their reports …

1) My summer breaks are a complete waste of time

2) I wanted to go home as soon as possible to see my companions again

Make an example or two SMS by removing vowels and words to the greatest possible extent – lk ths, uc! – but I think this real SMS example is more educational value.

Yes, so the SMS language sounds – only word reduction, fewer characters can be written (speed-critical, eg Facebook and Twitter updates!) But that does not mean we know well-known SMS commands – round, I guess. And this is where text messaging shortcuts come in, also known as "SMS Dictionary".

Here's a very brief example of what I mean:

GF – Girlfriend

L8 – Late

U – Te

LMAO – laugh in my ass

IMOO – in my arrogant opinion

IMHO – in my humble opinion

in my humble opinion, opinions must always be humble ;;)) And finally there are some txt msg abrs, to discuss your head …

TEXT MESSAGE Short Summaries

OMG – Oh my God!

The AFZ – acronym free

The latest information The latest technology Chinese celebrities (19659003): – * – kiss

: – * – kiss

: – * – kiss

]: – * – kiss

– @ – scream

O 🙂 – holy

; -) – wink (only if you did not know!)

NB freak more often replaces another word with F! If you get your drift!

As with any language, SMS language is constantly evolving and only a few of the available words / phrases / shortcuts can ever be shared with any language. So the panic does not!

Yet, these SMS messages tune in communication, by phone or on-line …

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