Do not Get Rid of Social Media Slang

What is a Social Media Slang? Slang is informal words and languages ​​that are not related to the common / common language used in society

Social Media Slang is primarily about communicating with Social Media. When communicating with Social Networks (for example, Facebook and Twitter), it often provides a short space to forward the information to the other affected user.

Fast and short communication paths are used frequently in hotkeys, abbreviations, and L337 speech.

Early Social Media Slang

Before Twitter and Facebook Walls and Status Updates, AOL and chatrooms were instant messaging.

AOL is the grandfather of creating an online slogan known as the early trending shortcut shortcut shortcut keys. Many conversations and acronyms were used in AOL days.

/ / 0 n3 Y = Money

MiCrOsoFt = Microsoft [19659003] 4 instead of A, 3 instead of E, 7

L337 Speak Instead of T 1 instead of L, and $ instead of S, 13 replacing B are just a few examples. The L337 speech is still widely used for video games.

Abbreviations or "text conversation" are still very popular. Some examples are:

U = Te 2 = Over TTYL = Let's Talk LOL = Missing Loudly 4 = R = O = OH

English Rumble Decline

and Instant Messaging Slows Traffic Loss and more and more users are using Text Editing and using social networks now to communicate, Internet Slang has now changed to Social Media Slang

These are the worst nightmares of the English teacher. These quick-spoken slogans may hinder their business and educational activities.

Just because it's simply "slang conversation" or "conversation", try to continue to communicate well and not sacrifice to Social Media Slang. You do not want to suggest to customers who can find it below:

"Hello wut do u want 2 do today? Plz let me know, k, ttyl"

This is, of course, very unprofessional and disadvantageous to his etiquette. While this seems like a community feeling more and more professionals have caught up with the "Social Media Slang"

Just like personal profiles, keep the online etiquette very professional too and do not fall into the corruption of shortcuts and slang.

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