Do you find yourself in a position to need a document from English to Spanish? Or maybe it's your job to write a paper or a presentation in Spanish, but you're not confident enough to do it yourself.

Well, try not to panic because there are many resources that can be very useful. Here are some tips on how to get the perfect written Spanish document.

  • Start writing a document, paper or presentation in English. This allows you to accurately say what you want without language limitations. Do not worry about the Spanish vocabulary that you do not know or phrases that you do not think I can translate. These details can be worried later.
  • Writes the document with short paragraphs, each consisting of 3 to 6 sentences. If you develop and compile longer sentences and paragraphs, it may be more difficult to get accurate translations. The thumbs of sentences and paragraphs are a general rule, the shorter the better.
  • Try to translate your own translation. Go over the document and translate as much as you can in Spanish. If there are words or even sentences that can not be done, leave them English now.
  • Use a Spanish translation tool for words you do not know. This can be an English-Spanish dictionary or you can use online service. Many online foreign-language dictionaries can be used freely.
  • Remaining terms and phrases that need actual translation, and not simply literal words, they must take further action. I suggest using a real human translator for this section. There are often too many grammatical errors when relying on automatic translators for long sentences and sentences.

Try using these step-by-step tips and I'm sure you will be able to have a Spanish document you're proud of.

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