Speech is a physical act of producing sounds. There are four main categories of problems. One reason is the physical disorder, such as missing teeth due to lack of teeth or the gap between the teeth. Some examples of this. The patches of mouth and slit lips also give a speech, which sounds different.

The second reason is speech apraxia, or verbal apraxia, which is a series of problems. Sound groups like "str" ​​are reduced to "s" and long words are rarely said twice as well. In fact, the syllables of certain long words are sometimes abandoned. People who struggle with this problem learn to speak in short words rather than to hide the difficulties.

Speech sounds dysarthria blurred. This is the weakness of the various muscles.

The fourth reason is idiopathic or unknown.

Stutter is a special case. Research often showed genetic components and physical differences in the stuttering brain. Other people believe that there may be a psychological component like when people get worried when there is a lot of stress or traumatic events occurring.

Two major causes of language problems are head injuries, such as car accidents and stroke. There are other reasons as well.

Depending on the injury in the brain, understanding the language and the difficulties of self-expression may result. A person can get long lines and follow them, but he does not say he needs a device, for example.

The problems of the word acquisition make it very difficult for self-expression. The word can be "at the tip of the tongue". Most people sometimes have difficulty with this, but if they are serious, this should be further investigated.

There may be poor management behavior, such as time management and sequencing skills. (This may include prioritization, timely acquisition of places, etc.) Mathematical skills, both in the basic operations as in addition, in time and money skills, head injuries and stroke may affect them.

Speech-speaking pathologists have the expertise to diagnose and treat these problems. They can work closely with the doctor and often require a prescription before working with a client.

Help available! Workers with such problems should talk to their physician and check their health plan for coverage.

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