Like everyone else has a personality, and loves and dislikes, people have different love languages. Your love language is the way you love and care most. Experts have arranged these five love languages ​​into five easy-to-use categories:

The first love language is the word of confirmation. If this is your love language, you feel you have the biggest problem when your spouse or anyone tells you how wonderful they are. You could literally either write a comment or some other creative way of sharing all the great things you possess and in any way the world is better than you are in.

service. If someone who gets your car in detail, taken over the tasks of a day's diaper, or releasing a scary job, you really get home, then that's your love language.

The next area is love. Hugging, kissing, hips on the couch, or sexual intimacy may be the way you feel most comfortable if you love your tongue. It may be sexual or non-sexual, but physical touch is very important to you.

Quality time can be your love language. Only your spouse, whether an adventure or a fashionable day, or just sitting on the couch, is the one that best suits you.

The last five love languages ​​are the gift. Everyone likes to receive a gift, but if something comes from your spouse, it may be your love language. You may not be the gift yourself, but the thought, the thought, the time you bring with it, and the knowledge that your spouse has to choose such a great gift that will completely fill you up!

: love to love the way you love to love. So make sure you find out what your spouse is in love with and strive to be a creative and intentional love language. Happy language teaching!

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