Does body language really tell individuality? Although it does not provide a complete personality profile, it suggests signs that are important for people to understand. They refer to another essential feature of general posture, facial expression, voice, criticism, and disappointment.

For example, let's examine a man's body language that is self-centered. This too common feature ranges from mental illness to blown narcissism. When we meet this type of human being, general body language is one of supremacy and descent. Remember, these people are convinced they are better than others. The deep fear of this spirit is that others may find a blurred mistake in their character. As a result, they compensate for the superiority.

Arrogance is expressed in proximity with others. Vanity does not like closeness; rather distant distance to express the self-imposed supremacy. Vanity despised the competition and would break away. To reassure the ego, the thought-provoking person keeps others away, and "I am better than you." If ever someone is forced from behind or embraced, it seems to be bent and untruthful. Sometimes they are surrounded by one or two people who are servants or manipulate the need for arrogant necessity. These supporting cast members are inclined to offer the alleged statements and defend the reflection from criticism. Other, unsettled support members are families. Publicly, these people are safe because they learn to never make mistakes with self-interest. Nazism reacts without criticism to criticism, immediate shocks, then anger, then literally attacking criticism and then retiring from the situation.

Designer garments and labels are needed for many compulsive people. Appearance serves to promote the image of perfection. Care can be flawless and tend to attract the attractiveness of the premium. The real narcissist is often quite uncomfortable among those who do not meet the eye-catching, eye-catching look. In the end, they do not tolerate the slightest imperfection, and this includes people living in their surroundings. They are fighting in a losing battle by trying to control all aspects of their immediate environment in order to perfect perfection as an absolute criterion.

Aging becomes an arrogant foil. The slow pace of time is physical and youthful. The wisdom of experience is lacking, and enthusiasm ultimately results in isolation or bitter family relationships. As the later phases of life unfold, if wisdom does not change the mind, body language gradually changes to the desperate failure.

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