There is a strange difference between language development and vocabulary. Children often use words that the child does not understand but decides to use these words as if a previous knowledge base existed. This is the beginning of understanding the vocabulary usage. The use of language is the knowledge of speech. When the child starts talking, he often uses trusted or familiar words that have been heard in the past. For example, some of the first sentences are usually hi, bye, mommy and apad. There are some words that are very familiar to the child and have been strengthened through interaction with adults. This is the beginning of consciousness of the child. Children rely on words spoken in the home environment and repeat what they hear. Have you been somehow embarrassed by the statements of a little boy who repeated the aunt's assessment of Aunt Nellie, who was almost trying to see it under the carpet? What they are doing to try the language. Children not only listen, but also watch adult reactions to words. Many believe that children have come to this recognition beforehand, but this is not true. They simply build their world through the world, which they gave them a thorough speech.

The positive interaction with the initial or emerging readers is extremely important as the children begin to build their spoken world. Talking to a baby is very important from the beginning of birth. Research shows that children in the womb will also benefit from the conversation. In the second trimester, the fetus can understand the sounds. Four months later, their minds begin with the neural paths of communication. Women often reported that the fetus in them jumped when they suddenly became loud. Learn this language. Listening to Listening and Internalizing Voices

They are developing as children, they depend heavily on what they have seen and heard and are often related to the two. Children who have not been exposed in a positive and positive enriched environments are the same children who are reading difficulties at school. These are the children who are upset with disappointment and are unable to provide jobs that support themselves and their families because they are unable to properly speak and read at a level that they understand.

The vocabulary learns from the language development of the child. Through this language development, children learn letters and sounds. The only way for children to develop strong vocabulary skills through their interaction with the adult world around children. Both infants and very young children continuously internalize what they see, hear, observe and feel. Without exposure, the child's language development fails and the child's vocabulary suffers. Both are equally important.

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