Did you know that average average speed of an average adult was three miles? And if we are lucky enough not to be physically immobilized in any way during our lifetime, we will all be able to walk from their age of two and continue to do so until we take this life. Numerous interesting traces of the individual's character can only be learned from observing their walk. Moving the Movement of a Person Relies on Multiple Criteria

The level of fitness, mood, emotion and body types is a significant factor contributing to a movement of people in different forms, postures and speeds. With other outstanding features, a person's walking style can be inherited directly by parents. The next time you have the opportunity to see people in groups, similar behaviors and the way you move between your family members will usually be noticeably noticeable.

Usually when happy people are walking, they have a lively lifestyle in their footsteps. On the contrary, an angry man is walking, bowing, and slowly mixing with hard legs. While fast-paced and height-based posture suggests a self-confident personality with strong orientation in life.

Always keep in mind taking background and environment into account with regard to walking distance. From country to country, from culture to culture, through town to country. For example, the density in a densely populated town will certainly be much faster than a suburban small town due to the large differences in general lifestyle. In most cases posture is still a very reliable indicator.

1 Folding Arms Walk

Weather is warm or warm when it comes to folding the arms, the person is in a defensive and defensive mode. This also explains why most women take this posture when sitting alone on a crowded street where they have strangers. There are some men who feel insecure in an unknown place, using the same posture.

It does not matter if the arms are folded tight, the body is clenched or even loosely surrounded by the body. is a direct proof of a person's insecurity, concern, worry and lack of confidence. These supposedly self-restraint gestures are actually a way for individuals to give them physical assurance. The hands are walking in their pockets

When people put their hands in their pockets, it basically means they feel cold, especially when it is cold or windy day. But when we do this around the individual, it is usually a very private and inward person. This person conceals his own feelings and personality from the outside world, but at the same time cynical and others.

It often goes down with a lowered head that is associated with an attractive and inconsistent stroke. Negative gestures here indicate a person's depression. And if this depression has been motivated by anger since the beginning, the walk has a lot of kick on small things on the ground. Sometimes even the imagined ones are not released.

3 Deep Thoughts Walking

Those who are deeply thinking when they are walking are faced with a bowed head and are often faced with naughty eyes. The gesture here may suggest that these people are in depression, but in fact they are slow to concentrate their thoughts on themselves.

This posture retreats to another because the people here do not want any disturbance anywhere to avoid the moment of their deep reflection from those moments. Walking up and down is a very widespread practice of this deep-minded walk lost. And here's the real goal not to reach any specific destination, but to reach a final conclusion.

4 The Walking Walk

The behavior of depression is rather rigid and inflexible, generally proud and excellent. People who walk on their feet, combined with their bent chest, are overdone in their arms movements.

This kind of walk shows in a distinctive way the proud, arrogant and egoistic nature of the person. The luscious-step style depicted on solemn military parades was also regarded as a ritual of pride, pride, superiority, and control.

The hand on the pungent passage

with one hand leaning on the hips while pushing their bears forward, fashion shows are often used in model models. This seductive pose is the form of sexual body language used by the models to increase the pants of clothing.

Some women tend to accept this pose when flirting with men, as it effectively attracts attention to their erogenous zones, so they look more sexier. On the other hand, if this is accepted by a man, it does not seem to seem at all. Homosexual men usually associate this gesture with a feminine step to deliberately express their inner sexuality in a very prominent way. Are you doing little steps or making great strides? What's your most comfortable pace? Are you looking at the heavens, the earth, the buildings, or other people as you walk? Everyone has their own distinctive movement, but the most important question is how you behave in general, how are you doing.

This may be surprising to many, but you know that people around you will be more positive if you are confident, calm and vertical. That's because your body is up, if you're in a daring posture, it will be more remarkable and more attentive to your environment, so you can more accurately judge what's going on around you.

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