It is a known fact that every animal commutes each other with language and physical movements. But people have only developed a communication system.

Since ancient times the language has been changing constantly and there are still new words / encyclopaedias in modern language.

There is no strong evidence of the origin of the language, but according to research it was concluded that the languages ​​originated in the 3,000 BC Initially, the language was accepted by the nomads of Eastern Europe and West Asia, and in 2000 by B.C. Indo-European languages ​​start in Europe, in the Atlantic Coast and in the Mediterranean. Another language that was of outstanding importance during this era was a Semitic language whose origin was found in the tribal clans of Arabia.

Today, English is the language of North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. (1/3 only comes from the African subcontinent)

Although the languages ​​in the initial stages were not in competition, but later they followed a pattern and now we could map a particular spelling with some languages. Like the Persian language, Persian (today Iran), Arabic became the main language of Arabs, Mandarin for the Chinese and Devnagri for the Hindus, etc. For.

So there is a separate story with the right language, but in this article discuss one of the most important languages ​​- the English language history.

The English language comes from Western German (originally from Anglo-Fríz dialects, German colonists and Roman troops in England, Germany and the Netherlands). German tribes, who have ultimately English language skills, have interacted with the Roman Empire, borrowing a few words from Latin, so sometimes English is called "borrowed language".

English 3 classification:

Old English – Mother tongue of England. It is derived from Anglo-Saxon

Middle English – about 1066 originated from Anglo-Norman

Modern English has been prominent since the 15th century. The mixture of Greek and Latin words

Although we are at the heart of modern English, but there are still regional and tribal languages ​​that have undergone continuous development and development

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