Sometimes you just need to know this guy feels. You can not just go up and ask him why, what if he says "No"? It would be uncomfortable for both of them. You need a way to find out whether he is attracted to you before you talk to him. So, what are you doing? You learn to read his body language when he is attracted.

There are clear signs that a man will show when attracting a woman. If you read these signs of body language, you can know that you are feeling at you, just looking at you.

The next time you need to know if a guy is attracted to it, simply read the next article. Body language list. The more signs this man has, the better he feels. If you show three or more body language gestures, you're sure you like it.

Do you love Him? Signs of Attitude to Body Language

Signal 1: His Legs: We unknowingly show our feet to the affectionate things. So, if you talk to a guy and show your foot to yourself and to the door, you know you want to escape. However, if you direct your feet directly, then a good bet you've drawn to you.

Signal 2: Belly Button: The abdominal button follows the same rule as the legs: like. This is a very strong sign. The abdominal button is like a magnet. What your abdominal button points to tells you what you want. If he points to you, he wants you. Simple.

Sign 3: Hugs: You know a lot about how a guy hugs you. There is a simple rule to determine whether he is attracted to you: pay attention to how much your body has been affected when he or she hugs. If you just wrap your arm around and maybe sit in the back, you see him as a friend. However, if you enter the whole body, it will attract you.

Signal 4: Students: This body language gesture is very simple. If we look at something we do not like, the pupil of our eyes will be gone. If we look at something we love, our students are getting longer. So if you seem to have great students when you look at it, you like it.

Sign 5: Gaze: In most cases, if we like to look at someone, we look at them for a long time. It's pretty easy to understand. If you love doing something, keep doing this. However, if a guy is shy, he really keeps herself away because he is nervous, so keep that in mind. These traits of attraction are important signs of a guy's feelings. If you like it, you'll see three or more of these gestures, so watch them know if it is attracted to you.

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