The release of an apartment can be an intimidating experience. The desire to move and the desire to fill vacancy can lead to misunderstandings and the cost of all time, money and sorrow. Below you will find a list of the terms and issues that are definitely going to happen in your home or in your search.

What does the appearance and the rental mean?

These apartments offer the apartments, which is today an application. These are often significant. One month free, $ 200 from the first month, 2 weeks free. Designed to invite you to apply TODAY

The ad says zero deposit! Why do they want $ 150?

This is an administration fee or administrative fee, and almost all apartments are paid. But they do not advertise … and they do not have to. The administration fee is what you charge for processing the application. Usually, this fee is the sum of the application fee and the deposit amount.

What is A property?

Apartments are classified as A, B and C. This is not like a reporting card, it refers to the age of the real estate. Characteristics built around 1990 Characteristics, when built in the 1980s, B properties, properties C originated in the 60's and 70's. If you are looking for a new house, it affects not only the property but also the area. Many B properties and most, if not all C properties do not have w / d connection. But they may be located in a large area.

What do I have to wear when I look at it?

All properties require authentication. Most people have permission or image ID. If you choose to rent, you will still need a checkbook or a money order to hold the device. Few real estate accepts cash. There are very few credit cards. Most properties require 3 pay stubs. Your rental history is very important to them so you can easily check that the old owners were useful. Of course you will check your credit with the social security number. A good attitude never hurts.

What lifestyle can I expect in an apartment?

In an A + property, you might be surprised if you did not rent for a while. Exercise rooms, business centers, theaters, excellent housing maintenance, garbage collection and a spacious apartment, ceiling fans, 9 feet high ceilings, upgraded appliances, highlight walls, whirlpools and very beautiful pools are all fairly standard. But do not forget … place, location, location. . In a good B + property you do not necessarily have the bells and whistles … but these apartments have many of the many features of old trees, in the well-established and interesting parts of the city, in other lifestyles. A good locator understands the psychology in the house and can help make this decision while considering commuting and budgeting.

What to start looking for?

This is a complicated question. If the rent is less than 30 days, it starts yesterday. If you have a 60-day alert and go to another 60-day ads deal … again … no problem. But if you have a 60-day alert and you can only keep the unit for 15 to 30 days, it's a problem. This facilitates competitiveness. The 60-day alert is a nasty little trick that can take longer than you would like to buy because you can not rent an apartment, house or duplex for at least thirty days … but you have already been alerted to your current address at this point , and there is no place in life in the queue … in other words panic, where he will live for 30 days before he can start looking. Any good homeowner can help you in this situation … you sit tight … stay with them and let this solve you.

I made a request 3 days ago! Why did not I hear it?

A lot of real estate will thoroughly check your information by phone or fax. They may not be able to talk to your employer or your last rented place. The others, in particular their tax credits, are in conformity with the compliance committee to be submitted. Newer homes, which score so much in consumer credit reports, are generally accepted as a wait.

T he has denied me and can not tell why!

Many homes use a point system, Saferent or Credit Retriever. When you conduct a rental application, you will come back to us, accept it, accept the terms, or refuse it. Acceptance of terms usually means an extra deposit. Maybe they do not know why they denied it. They usually have 1-800 numbers for their corporate office, which you can call and get details.

I changed my mind and told me to keep my deposit anyway!

The apartment has the right to retain the lease deposit if it has been accepted, retained the unit for you, and then changed its mind. If it is denied, we will have to reimburse you for your lease deposit, but not for your application.

It was claimed I did not give a 30-day warning.

The apartments are very strict. You need to be notified and you must know that you have notified me. Enter, type in, and make an extra copy of your notes. Even though you have completed your rental time, you can still finish with a bad lease because you did not notify. Even worse … you can deny the next property you look at. Most real estate would like to notify you at the latest on the 3rd day of the month. There are many features that allow 60-day notice. Make sure you know exactly what the policy is.

One word about rents

Everyone hates them! But many times, you can often get it in spite of your situation. The good news is that they are fully refunded at the end of the season. Apartment Deposits can cost anywhere from $ 100 to the first and last month rental rates. Depending on which part of the country you are in. All apartments have a different policy for deposits and there is no particular reason to change. What features do you need for security that will not be the default for the lease?

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